WOC are using white concealer to brighten their under eyes on TikTok

This is colour correcting on steroids

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 14 2022

Most of us have dabbled in colour correcting makeup techniques in our lives.

Whether it’s to conceal the purplish-blue hue of our under-eyes, trying to minimise unwanted redness, or pepping up a sallow complexion, we’ve tried it all.

But as far as colour correcting is concerned, one-size does not fit all. 

So when we heard that WOC were taking to TikTok to show an alternative use for white concealers, we were all ears to say the least. 

The trend was spearheaded by content creator @blumarinebae, who utilised the cult-famous LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Flat White Corrector (unfortunately not available downunder), to brighten her under eye area to the extreme. 

TikToker @nidalkabashii perfectly summed up our reservations on the colour theory of it all, hilariously captioning her first impressions video: “This stressed me OUT”.

And we understand her misgivings completely, when you consider she used a concealer shade which exists on the opposing side of the shade spectrum. 

But fret not my dear fellows. 

After seamlessly blending out the pale-hued concealer to form a beam of highlighter under her eyes, @nidalkabashii layered a red-toned deep concealer on top (to further counteract the blue and purple undertones in her dark circles). 

On first inspection, this red shade of concealer didn’t appear to blend into her skin tone either. 

But once the TikToker blended her foundation shade over the top the evidence was clear – her under-eyes were brightened and there wasn’t a stitch of white or red-toned concealer in sight. 

Call it magic, call it simple colour theory. All we know is we could watch @nidalkabashii finesse this makeup hack all day – it’s that impressive.

A few other TikTokers have tried their hand at the colour correcting technique too and we’ve been just as mesmerised seeing the results of their makeup experimentation…

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Main image credit: @nidalkabashii

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