The TikTok winged eyeliner hack is… interesting

Get your tape at the ready folks

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / December 20 2021

Ever since the Internet began, we’ve all become old hacks at applying our eyeliner using random household objects as guides. 

What started out as a YouTube fad back in the heyday of the beauty vlogger, drawing on your winged
eyeliner using everything from sticky tape to kitchen utensils was all the rage. 

But now, the simple sticky tape winged eyeliner hack has taken on new meaning in the hands of beauty TikTokers. 

Forget lining up your lower lash line with a piece of sticky tape, because in 2021, we’re getting as much masking tape as we can get our hands on and draping it underneath our nose. 

Some would call it unnecessary but we prefer the term ‘hilarious’.

The funniest thing about this new take on the tape hack is that it does actually work. But you have to ask yourself – is it worth turning yourself into a low-rent Miss Piggy mid-makeup routine?

How to try the TikTok winged eyeliner hack

To nail this hack, you’ll need to get your hands on a long piece of tape that extends from one eyebrow tail to the other while balancing on the tip of your nose. 

Then, you’ll also require two shorter pieces of tape to apply to your eyelids and subsequently form the wing of your eyeliner. 

Stick your fingers into the nearest eyeshadow palette and press onto the eye stencil you’ve just created for a perfect wing that’ll flatter your eye shape specifically. 

Need some help? We’ve hunted down a few handy TikTok tutorials to get you on your way:

Want to forgo looking like Peppa Pig’s long lost cousin? Then try this handy band-aid trick instead:

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Main image credit: @patrickta

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