Tom Ford wants you to know his skin care line is unlike anything you’ve seen from a luxury brand

"I’m not a designer who has thrown his name on a beautifully packaged cream"

BeautyCrew Content Producer / July 19 2019

With a portfolio of iconic, decadent fragrances and a highly-coveted makeup line, fashion designer and beauty entrepreneur Tom Ford has secured his reputation as one of the beauty industry’s most coveted luxury brands. And now he’s venturing into the world of skin care. But this isn’t your regular skin care line.

In an interview with WWD, Ford insisted that his skin care brand, Tom Ford Research, is unlike other skin care brands released by competitor luxury fashion houses. “I wanted to start a serious skin care arm and have it be science-based. This is a real skin care product and regimen,” he explained. “I’m not a designer who has thrown his name on a beautifully packaged cream.”

Ford requested his own lab for the project from brand partner Estée Lauder to ensure that the science behind the products was what shone through. 75 trials later and he’s finally ready to showcase the first of his inventions: Tom Ford Research Serum Concentrate and Tom Ford Research Crème Concentrate.

Inspired by a dermatologist’s recommendations to incorporate tea bags into his skin care regimen, the products are powered by caffeine sourced from gyokuro, a strain of Japanese green tea. “Years ago, a dermatologist told me that the best thing for puffy eyes was moist tea bags. Every time I did it, I noticed that it also moisturised my skin.”

Serum Concentrate and Crème Concentrate are set to roll out in the U.S. in August, closely followed by the release of three more products, including an eye cream, in 2020.

No word yet on a worldwide release of Tom Ford Research, but bearing in mind the popularity of Ford’s other beauty ventures, we don’t think we’ll have to wait too long until the brand hits Aussie shores.

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