How to treat pimples when you have sensitive skin

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Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / September 04 2017

Got sensitive skin? Then you’d know first-hand what it’s like to have skin that’s easily irritated and prone to redness and dryness. Throw pimples into the mix, and we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to demand a refund for your skin. While it’s no easy task to manage breakouts at the best of times, it can be even harder for those with sensitive skin as some ingredients in acne treatments can be harsh and even increase sensitivity and discomfort once applied.

Garnier’s new Pure Active Sensitive range is the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin that’s problematic. Why? Because Garnier Pure Active Sensitive range are all hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and paraben-free, and are also formulated with hard-working ingredients (such as witch hazel and salicylic acid) to target your breakouts. This means you can rest easy knowing your pimples are being dealt with, without having to worry about any unsightly spots and redness.


Try a soap-free cleanser

As pimples thrive on an impure skin surface, it’s important to keep your skin clean by cleansing twice a day. Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Anti-Blemish Soap-Free Gel Wash has been specially formulated for sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts. The standout ingredient is purifying zinc, which has the ability to purify the skin and works to eliminate impurities without drying out your skin.

To use, gently massage the gel onto your wet face, focusing on areas that are prone to breakouts, such as your T-zone, chin, nose and cheeks. Make sure to rinse your skin thoroughly afterwards – any excess cleanser can lead to congestion.

Good to know: As the name suggests, Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Anti-Blemish Soap-Free Gel Wash doesn’t contain soap, an ingredient that can irritate and dry out sensitive skin, meaning that it’s comforting and gentle on skin.


Use a purifying toner

While a toner can sometimes be missed in a daily skin care routine, it’s actually important to include one as it can remove final traces of makeup, dirt and bacteria. Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Anti-Blemish Gentle Toner is formulated with witch hazel to calm sensitive skin and salicylic acid to visibly tighten pores and purify the surface, without compromising moisture levels in skin. 

After cleansing, simply use a cotton pad with the toner and gently wipe your face – it’s that easy!


Apply a soothing moisturiser

When it comes to helping to prevent pimples, the moisturiser you choose can also play a key part, especially if it contains ingredients that can keep your skin hydrated as well as tackle bacteria that can cause breakouts. Formulated with purifying zinc, Garnier Pure Active Sensitive Anti-Blemish Soothing Moisturiser works to reduce pimples and marks without drying out skin, while witch hazel helps soothe sensitivities and comfort skin in the long run. Glycerin also ensures hydrated skin for up to 24 hours.

After cleansing and toning, apply the moisturiser to dry skin, patting the formula in with your fingertips to allow the moisturiser to penetrate.

Just remember, it’s important to follow these three steps of cleansing, toning and moisturising daily. A diligent routine with the right ingredients will give you your best looking skin ever.


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