Here's how to make red eye makeup work

This seasons biggest makeup trend isn't as scary as you think

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 16 2018

In years passed, makeup and the colour red have really only been intertwined when lipstick was concerned. And for good reason. While we may feel powerful, in control and sexy rocking a bright red lip, ask us to wear the bold hue on our lids and we’d run to the bathroom the first chance we got to swap it for a bronze smoky eye instead.

However, times have changed. Old makeup rules are being ignored and we’re all getting a lot more experimental with the looks we create. So much so that red makeup, predominantly in the form of eyeliners and eyeshadows, are coming to the forefront of the makeup world.

A lot of that is thanks to Chanel, who recently launched its autumn makeup collection 2016, Red Power, which encourages us to add red and burgundy tones into our everyday eye looks. To show us how to make the most of the collection (and how to make a red eye makeup look work), Chanel have released a Beauty Talk video featuring the brand’s ambassador, Kristen Stewart and Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, Lucia Pica. Here are their top tips for creating the red eye look you'll feel confident to wear:

#1 / Start slow

If you are still of the belief that red eye makeup will make you look sick, tired and puffy, start off by incorporating the hue into your look slowly. A good idea would be to follow Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic's lead by finishing off a neutral eye look by adding a touch of red or burgundy eye or lip liner to the upper and lower lash line. Pica believes that this technique effectively enhances all eye colours as the hue interacts with the natural redness found in your skin.

#2 / Add some depth

If you're up for creating a more dramatic look, Pica suggests mixing up a traditional smoky eye by layering different red shades and formulas on top of one another. For the look she created on Kristen, Pica applied a cream shadow before adding a powder on top as she claims the combination “gives it a stronger texture and a stronger depth.” She then blended the shadows together across the entire lid, creating a dramatic smoky effect. In order to accentuate the eyes further, Pica suggests applying a browny red eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line before coating the lashes with a black mascara.

#3 / Don't be afraid to go big

While you can finish your look and the drama there by finishing off with a nude lip, Pica recommends complimenting the red eye look with a bright red lip. She says by taking classic colours and subverting them to make them brighter than what people expect, the overall look will pop.

To see exactly how Pica created the stunning look on Kristen, watch the video below:

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Image credit: Chanel
Video credit: Chanel


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