Why you shouldn't try this YouTuber's DIY makeup setting spray

It's worth investing in a proper one, trust us

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 12 2018

Setting sprays have undoubtedly become a makeup bag staple in recent years and it’s no wonder when the formulas work to ensure your makeup stays flawless and in place all day long.

However, they are another product in the long list of beauty items that we’re regularly forking out for. That’s why we were so interested when beauty vlogger Tonje of Fluke of Makeup, recently shared her homemade formula, which only consists of two ingredients!

Although traditional makeup setting sprays are formulated with a range of tried and tested ingredients, Tonje believes the two most important ingredients needed for an effective setting spray is glycerin and water. She notes that water works to add moisture while the glycerin functions as the glue that sets makeup onto the skin.

To create her DIY concoction, she simply pours four teaspoons of glycerin (which you can buy at a chemist) into a spray bottle before filling the remainder up with tap water. In the video, Tonje adds a few spritzes of her favourite perfume, however we’d strongly recommend against following her lead. Applying perfume “directly onto the skin is a definite no, no! Perfume is an alcohol and it strips the skin, causing inflammation and redness,” elaborates Face Plus Medispa Dermal Therapist, Erin Holohan.

We also asked Holohan to provide some further insight as to whether or not there were any other skin concerns associated with Tonje’s DIY formula. It turns out that whilst the homemade remedy might save you a few dollars, she wouldn’t recommend trying it for yourself. “Glycerin is not recommended in this form directly onto the skin, it is very oily and not for every skin type,” she said.

Holohan also notes that there’s additional issues to consider, such as how this type of formula “can also cause milia (whiteheads) and comedones (blackheads). While it sounds good in theory it’s actually breaking down the acid mantle and natural pH of the skin.”

Small doses of glycerin can work wonders in dermatologically tested skin care products and having an affordable makeup setting spray on hand might make life a little easier, but your skin certainly won’t be thanking you for it. So we’d recommend sticking to the traditional setting spray formulations such as MAC Prep & Prime Fix +, Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray or L’Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist to give your makeup staying power, without the bad skin side effects.

MAC Prep & Prime Fix +

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist

To see Tonje create her own setting spray, watch the video below:

Image credit: @flukeofmakeup

Video credit: Fluke Of Makeup

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