3 ways to look after curly hair

Say goodbye to frizz

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / September 13 2016

Just like skin tones, the physical attributes of your mane differs according to your hair type. Curly hair comes from a curve-shaped bulb (at the root of the hair) that produces a twisted and irregular fibre, which also means that the physical fibre of curly hair is quite raised or rough (as opposed to straight hair, which has a smooth cuticle). As a result, the curly shape of these hairs prevent natural oil migration from the root to tip, causing the hair fibre to be significantly drier. Read on to discover ways to best protect, style and look after your curly hair.


Wash it

It may sound obvious, but you can look after curly hair simply by washing it - providing that you’re using the right product. Here’s where a cleansing conditioner can prove useful (yes you read correctly). “Kérastase Discipline Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal has low foam cleansing agents that do not contain any sulfates or silicone, so it can cleanse the hair with maximum softness,” says Kérastase Paris National Education Manager, Bridget Noonan. To get the most out of this product, apply it before your conditioner or hair mask, and gently use the palm of your hands to lather, instead of your fingers.



Nourish it

Working with curly hair while it’s still wet is the secret to a smoother finish, and therefore a special leave-in treatment applied straight after towel-drying should be your next step. Something like John Frieda Frizz Ease Unwind Curls Calming Créme is infused with olive oil to eliminate frizz and make the style more manageable - just apply a small amount (about a 20 cent piece if you have medium length hair) to your mid-lengths and ends prior to using a hairdryer.



Dry it

How you dry your hair will greatly affect the finished look of your locks, so a hairdryer that features a diffuser attachment should be your go-to. Something like Philips DryCare Prestige Hairdryer can separate and define your curls while the warm air is dispersed evenly, resulting in less frizz, and smoother hair lengths. As you’re holding the tool with one hand, use your other to gently finger comb your way through.


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