Your guide to wearing sweet fragrances during the day

Get away with wearing your favourite candy-like scent at any occasion

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / March 07 2017

If sweeter fragrances are your calling, there’s no reason to not wear it anywhere you go. The key to doing so successfully is to embrace the scent, but also tone it down a little for places like the office. Here’s how to do it.


Opt for floral or citrus notes

First up, you should identify what sort of notes you like, such as rich caramel tones (think Thierry Mugler Angel Eau Sucrée), or sweet, lolly-like notes (like Lancome La Vie Est Belle or Dior Poison Girl). Next, think about choosing a fragrance with touches of citrus, like lemon or tangerine, or even a light floral such as gardenia for some freshness. Fragrances with lots of layered notes tend to wear well during the day, meaning they can change from being heady and sweet, to soft and calming as the hours pass.


Consider the blend

A fragrance with a strong sillage (or lingering power) can be too much, especially when you’re sitting in a small office. If you’ve got the choice, try picking eau de toilette formulas over eau de parfums, as the concentration of essence is much lower and therefore has less staying power on your skin. This way, you can top up your fragrance with a spritz or two throughout the day, rather than going too heavy handed from the beginning.


Switch to a body lotion

Most fragrance houses produce a matching scented body lotion in addition to your favourite EDP or EDT. Instead of spritzing on your favourite fragrance, after showering, coat your limbs with the body lotion for a light and refreshing way to surround yourself in your favourite smell all day long.


Spritz elsewhere

It may be common knowledge to spritz your favourite scent straight onto pulse points like your neck and wrists, but doing so may result in a heavy migraine. Instead, use one or two sprays aimed at your hair or even a head scarf for a lighter experience. Use sparingly though, as the high-alcohol content in perfume can dry out your hair in the long run.

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