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How to Prepare for a Spray Tan: What to Wear - Georgia Love

No more blotchy spots ruining your bronzed glow

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / February 08 2019

We don’t know what we’d do without our at-home self tanners, but we’re partial to a spray tan, too. That flawless finish, the beautiful bronze shade, and the fact that all you have to do is stand there while someone else worries about making it streak-free are all part of the appeal. And the sun-safe aspect too, of course. 

And even though we’ve had our fair share of spray tans over the years, we still second guess ourselves over what to wear to a spray tan. We know the best clothes to wear are ones that are loose and dark, but what exactly is the perfect wardrobe piece for the job?

Well, The Bachelorette Australia’s Georgia Love has done us a solid and shared the dress she wears after a tanning session, and it will cost you just $39.

In a recent Instagram story, she shared a snap of her bronzed self in a Prep Dress, saying:

“PSA: My fav new product. A wrap-around toweling dress for when you’ve tanned but don’t want to be rudey nudey while it dries!”

“And it has pockets!”

Since spray tans don’t generally dry as quickly as your self-tanning formulas, you need to be careful not to wear anything that’s going to rub or smear your spray. This 100 per cent cotton dress only touches your skin across your chest and under your arms, but the elasticised neckline sits loosely enough that it won’t ruin your tan while still being tight enough that it won’t fall off. And the pockets can carry your key, phone and wallet so you don’t need to carry a handbag to your appointment. Winning! 

We adore the LBD one Georgia is wearing, but there are also other prints and colours to choose from (we're obsessed with the blue polka dot one). 

Ok, so you’ve got your outfit all picked out to get you from the salon to home. As for what to wear after a spray tan has dried, well, once you’ve washed your tan off following the required time, you can wear anything you like. By this point your tan is set and you’re good to go. Psst, if you want to prolong your tan, read these fake tan tips

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What do you wear to a spray tan? Share with us below!

Main image credit: @georgiealove

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