TikTokers are hypnotising men to fall in love with them with dot eyeliner

Because reciprocity is for chumps

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / October 21 2021

No doubt all of us have at one time experienced the sweet sting of unrequited love. 

And while some of us may have moved on to greener pastures (AKA re-downloaded Tinder again) in the hopes of finding mutual attraction, there are those who would rather try a different tact, using some rather unusual methods...

TikToker Michelle Diaz recently gained notoriety for developing an eye makeup technique designed to hypnotise potential suitors into falling madly in love with her.

In the tutorial, Diaz claims that by decorating her face with a quartet of carefully-applied white dots, the men around her were unable to stop themselves from staring into her hypnotic gaze. 

“I have literally had men be like ‘no, I can't’'', says Diaz in the video, as she shields her magnetic eyes from the camera for effect. “‘We literally need to put something between us, because I just literally can’t stop looking at you.’” 

Diaz claims that the look is “perfect for people that don’t like to do shadow or don’t know how to do shadow”, but you can also layer the dots over eyeshadow for a more dramatic look. 

A number of TikTokers have taken to the platform to share their interpretation of the eye makeup trend using the tag #whitedots

However, most find that they end up looking like a clown (their words, not ours), either through their makeup technique or the fact that they’re trying to pull men using magic eyeliner.

While others said they received a handful of compliments on the makeup but no definitive proof if they’d stirred romantic feelings in the hearts of any onlookers, some TikTokers took the trend to creepy new heights by utilising Life Coach Amanda Clayton’s viral audio for manifesting the love of your life. 

Because, really, if you’re gonna commit yourself to perpetuating conspiracy theories on TikTok, then you should probably go all in...

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Main image credit: @michellexdiaz

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