Watch this YouTuber curl her hair with Cheetos

It’s equal parts ridiculous and fascinating

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 11 2018

The beauty world has witnessed some seriously weird and wonderful hair and makeup videos on YouTube in recent months, with vloggers filming themselves applying 100 layers of foundation, using only liquid lipsticks to create a full face of makeup or dying their hair with crepe paper.

And while we thought those videos were strange, we think it’s fair to say that Bunny Meyer, known as Grav3yardgirl on YouTube, has now taken the cake when it comes to bizarre beauty hacks.

In a video that has been watched by over one million people, Bunny uses Cheetos to curl her hair.

We told you it was odd.

The process involves rolling small sections of slightly damp hair around Cheetos before securing each curl with two bobby pins. The method isn’t just messy, it’s also time consuming as it takes several bags of Cheetos to place all of Bunny’s hair into tight curls.

Once all her hair is secured, Bunny uses a drying bonnet of sorts for a little over 30 minutes to dry her hair and set the curls in place. Afterwards she removes each individual Cheeto revealing a head full of tight bouncy curls, which (unsurprisingly) don’t smell too delightful according to the vlogger.

If this video is the type of how-to beauty video we should now expect from YouTubers, we’re slightly nervous about what’s next.

To see Bunny’s finished look and the video in full, watch below (trust us, you'll want to see how this one plays out):

Image credit: Grav3yardgirl

Video credit: Grav3yardgirl

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