Kylie Jenner just let Kris do her makeup and we are screaming

10 wholesome minutes of maternal energy

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / October 14 2020

Kylie Jenner’s YouTube channel is the unexpected gift that keeps on giving. Once every few months we’re treated to an unceremoniously awkward video from Kylie and an ever-revolving cast of characters. This time around mum, Kris Jenner, has been roped in to giving King Kylie a makeover, and as you can imagine the results are hilarious.

Kris applies an ample amount of cream blush to Kylie’s face, as well as a hefty glaze of bronzer across her temples and let’s Kylie know she’s aiming for an ’80s inspired look. We’d love to tell you she sticks with this artistic decision but then we’d be lying to you — though that doesn’t stop Kris from dropping one-liners like this throughout the tutorial:

“I’m gonna bring back the ‘80s.”

“Bye honey get out of my studio”

“This is a new technique”

“It’s the ‘80s just relax… you’re gonna be okay.”

Just to preface Kylie does not look ‘okay’ at *any* point during this video. She spends half her time looking at her phone or nervously laughing as Kris dances around her menacingly with a myriad of beauty tools, trying to birth an eye look using the new Kendall & Kylie eyeshadow palette. Though at one point Kylie does interject, making the executive decision to apply her mascara herself after her mum gets dangerously close to her eyeballs; “Do you want me to help you with this part?”

After that close call, we’re on to lipstick and Kris has opted for a bright red number that Kylie seems less than keen to wear out of the studio. “It is very pretty I’m impressed,” Kylie dryly muses as her mum finishes up, while Kris looks proud of herself and presents her look to camera, “This is my look for Kylie Jenner and I’m calling it glamorous day time… what do you think?”

Please indulge the woman:

Kylie Jenner is living out the beauty lover’s dream - her new glam room is basically a boutique.

Main image credit: @kyliejenner

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