'Lash pinching' was the secret behind Zendaya's SAG Awards doll eyes

A TikTok x Twiggy collab, you could say

Editor / February 27 2023

Nothing guarantees greatness like a Zendaya red carpet appearance. The woman simply never misses. And sure, it might be easy to look phenomenal every time when playing it safe, but Zendaya always makes statements in the glam game.

And considering the entire world is obsessed with the Euphoria star/Emmy winner/modern-day beauty icon’s looks, it’s 110 per cent safe to assume that whatever aesthetic she’s embracing is about to be the next big beauty trend.

So when Zendaya stepped onto the SAG Awards carpet with lower lashes that the likes of Twiggy would even envy, it was clear that the doll lash era was about to experience a major resurgence...

What mascara does Zendaya use?

News flash: clumpy (or rather, chunky) mascara just became the chicest thing on earth. That's the Zendaya effect for you. So how did the actress lock in her look? Was it the work of a truly terrific mascara wielded extremely wisely, or were a few falsies also involved?

Well, it remains to be seen – Zendaya’s glam squad usually keep their secrets pretty close to the chest. What we do know, however, is Zendaya’s mascara of choice: the Lancôme Lash Idôle Mascara ($55 at Sephora).

"I love mascara; it's one of my favourite parts of my beauty routine,” she once shared with Glamour. "I love long lashes. I like that they open my eyes and make them pop." They sure were popping at the SAG Awards, that's for sure!

LANCÔME Lash Idole Mascara

How to get Zendaya's chunky lower lashes

Ready to replicate the look? Let's get into the process of 'lash pinching'. A technique that is basically exactly what it sounds like (handy), it's all about generously applying mascara onto select sections of the lower lashline, then using tweezers (or your fingers in, ironically, a pinch) to merge a few lashes together, creating a statement 'chunk'.

Here's a glimpse at how it works:

How to use lower false lashes

Alternatively, if you want even more doll-eyed definition, individual false lashes are also an option. Simply layer them onto your lower lashline, leaving slight gaps to dial up the retro factor.

Huda Beauty’s Hoodie Flares #25 Classic Lashes ($29 at Sephora) are perfect for the job, even offering a few different styles of ‘flares’ depending on the level of statement look you want to serve.

HUDA BEAUTY Hoodie Flares #25 Classic Lashes

Main image credit: Getty Images

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