3 hairstyle trends that’ll be everywhere this winter

Say hello to the ‘bombshell bob’

Editor / May 05 2022

Our favourite thing about a change in season is the excuse it gives us to switch up our hair. So far 2022’s hair trends have yet to disappoint us, so we're excited to see what winter will bring.

A hair change doesn’t always have to require a cut and colour either; styling alone can make a huge difference.

Just ask Phoebe Simmonds, founder of The BLOW, which has just expanded to include Sephora’s BLOW On-The-Go in Chadstone (yessss).

The dry styling bar always has plenty of options for fast, glamorous hairstyles and so Simmonds is the perfect person to predict what will be ‘in’ style-wise for the upcoming season.

#1 Effortless waves


We’ve entered ‘the era of effortless’ and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. Think Hailey Bieber’s recent red carpet appearances, as referenced by Simmonds. “[Just] like a no-makeup makeup look, smooth s-bends and flirty twists are all starting a bit lower around the face and are brushed out for lived-in cool.”

#2 Chic high buns


Take that messy bun you’ve mastered for the last two years and dress it up a little. “We’re seeing a lot of chic minimal high knot buns with soft bends that frame the face for a cute look when tucked into jackets and scarves,” says Simmonds.

#3 The bombshell bob


As a cut, bobs are always in. And for the winter season, it’s all about nailing your blow-dry. “Think bombshell bob,” says Simmonds. “A gorgeous voluminous blow-out on bobs and lobs can make a big impact, with a flick at the end and slightly less height at the crown.”

You heard the woman, hop to it and make the most of your hair dryer. Or you know, just book in and let the pros do it…

Main image credit: @jennifer_yepez

Thinking about committing to a cut? The boy bob is our latest love.

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