The top 4 skin care trends predicted to make it big in 2024

Minimalism and healthy skin is in

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / December 19 2023

If we had a crystal ball and could see into the future, we’d predict that 2024 is set to be a big year for skin care. As does skin expert, James Vivian.

The Dermal Clinician and Viviology Skincare Founder spoke to BEAUTYcrew about the skin care trends he forecasts are set to make a big impact in 2024.

Most notably, over the next 12 months we’re going to leave behind archaic ideas of excess that have no place in the current financially ‘doomed’ landscape.

“I hope we’re going to leave behind over-filled faces, sun tanning, fear-mongering around ingredients and treatments, brands greenwashing and non-experts talking as if they have any idea about both their skin and skin in general,” muses Vivian. Honestly, we agree.

Instead, we’re focusing on the specific ingredients and skin care treatments our skin actually needs, plus figuring out what the best solutions are to help us fulfil those needs.

Ahead, discover the skin care trends of 2024 BEAUTYcrew is excited about…

What are the skin care trends for 2024?

1/ Age-appropriate skin care

“As skin care gets better, more widely available and often replacing outdated formulations, customers will commence using active skin care at a younger age,” says Vivian. “It’s essential that we advocate the use of suitable skin care for specific ages as active skin care is great for certain ages but not all.”

2/ Minimalist beauty routines

“I think the days of a '10 step skincare routine' will be over in 2024, and we'll take a ‘skinimalist’ approach instead, using quality skin care products and ingredients to get our skin to become the healthiest version it can,” Vivian predicts.

“We saw a lot of customers overusing skin care, so I look forward to seeing more skin care minimalism and routines that are effective but not overdoing it,” he explains.

“The move away from tanning six shades darker and opting for a more natural look and finish is one I am thrilled about and hope continues,” says the expert. “Letting the skin do the talking rather than covering it with makeup is one that I am also enjoying.”

3/ Evolved skin care formulas

Improved skin care formulations, delivery mechanisms and in-clinic procedures are advancing in response to the demand from consumers who have high expectations when it comes to safety and efficacy.  

“Whilst our industry does move at a very fast pace, a lot of what comes out is simply old technology repackaged,” explains Vivian. “Customers are demanding better and better outcomes so the skin care we use needs to satisfy [those needs].”

4/ Skin care ingredients that support microbiome function

Expect to see more of skin care ingredients such as prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants and peptides, which help to support our skin's microbiome.

“Many of us know the importance of a healthy skin barrier to ensure our skin can tolerate active ingredients and look healthy. Our skin’s natural microbiome plays a big role in keeping our barrier intact and our underlying skin performing at its best,” says Vivian.

However, according to the dermal clinician, not all skin-health optimising skin care products are made equal.

“Peptides continue to be included in more and more skin care products to assist in age management concerns, however, not all skin care products contain enough of these magic ingredients to make a considerable enough impact on the skin,” says Vivian. He advises searching the inkey list for peptide ingredients — they should be up the top if it’s an effective formula.

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