Eat like a supermodel

These four healthy food plans keep the world’s best bodies photo-ready

WHO Contributor / May 25 2017

They have the world’s best bodies so who can blame us for wanting to know the secrets to their slim physiques… and eat exactly what they’re eating.

Meet the four healthy food plans responsible for keeping these supermodels in tip top shape. 

Miranda Kerr: The blood type diet

Naturopath Peter J.D. A’Damo’s dietary system is designed for each of the four blood types (A, B, AB and O). It’s largely vegetarian while avoiding corn, wheat and certain beans.

Bridget Malcolm: The vegan diet

The PETA-friendly vegan diet is free from all animal-derived products. Think fruit, vegetables and grains. “When I first became vegan I heard from so many people that I had a new glow,” says the model.

Gisele Bundchen: The plant based diet

The Brazilian model and husband Tom Brady’s organic plant-based regimen was masterminded by their personal chef, Allen Campbell. Think 80 per cent vegetables rounded out with whole grains (such as quinoa) and lean meats (steak, duck and wild salmon).

Carolyn Murphy: The alkaline diet

The alkaline diet limits acidic foods in an attempt to keep the body’s pH level neutral – the theory being that a diet high in acidic foods may cause inflammation and, in turn, disease. Eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes and less meat, alcohol, grains and dairy.

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