4 tricks to boost awareness in the morning

How to to face the day when you haven’t had enough sleep

New Idea / April 11 2016

The alarm goes off, your bleary eyes snap open and it’s another hectic day ahead. And if you’re not a morning person, there’s good reason to change your tune: early risers are generally happier and healthier, according to global research.

Ignore your instinct to overdose on caffeine and try these four easy ways to boost alertness instead.


Chew gum

Not just useful for fresh breath, chewing on gum can also perk you up, according to scientists. While research suggests it’s the mint flavour that boosts alertness, there’s also some suggestion the chewing motion helps you focus and stimulates brain activity.


Try accupressure

Massage yourself awake! A study found that pressure to acupressure stimulation points helped sleepy students in class. The top of the head, below both knees and between your thumb and forefinger on the back of your hands are top spots to target.


Eat eggs

Don’t be tempted by a quick hit of sugary cereal. A good brekkie is essential, especially one high in protein. Eggs are a great choice as they help raise your levels of tyrosine, an amino acid that wakes the brain up. Yoghurt is a good option, too.


Give your eyes a break

In this digital age, it's no surprise we spend the better part of our days staring at computers, phones, and TVs - and it could be having an effect on how alert you are. The glare from the screens can cause you to strain your eyes, which in turn can make you more fatigues. Make sure you give yourself (and those peepers) a break regularly.

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