Here’s how Abbie Chatfield clears congestion and cystic acne during her skin’s ‘tough times’

TBH, we’re actually obsessed

November 29 2023

Whether it's due to a jam-packed travel schedule or a few too many nights burning the midnight oil, there’s no bigger telltale sign of a busy lifestyle than congested skin. Often accompanied by a smattering of blemishes, a dull, clogged complexion screams “hey, you forgot to double cleanse, again!”

If there’s one Aussie gal who knows a thing or two about being next-level busy, it's Abbie Chatfield. As an in-demand media personality, TV host, radio presenter, and podcaster, our favourite Gemini has the type of schedule that would make most people’s eyes water.

While Abbie’s skin typically glows almost as brightly as her personality, she’s publically shared on her radio show, Hot Nights, about her struggles with congestion and cystic acne during ‘tough times.’ And because our girl isn’t one to gatekeep, she also name-dropped the one game-changing product she uses to get back to feeling clear and in control again.

“I will say a little shout-out to the products that help me fix it — tbh skincare has this acidic cream and it makes my skin ‘normal’,” she shared on the show — sparking a frenzy that caused more than 100 orders to come through in 12 hours.

So, what makes this skin care saviour so special, exactly? The $55 acne hack spot treatment can be either applied topically to pimples or all over the face as needed. It contains a patented blend of citric acid, benzalkonium chloride, and sodium citrate dihydrate (for those who nerd out on the science!) which work together to create what tbh calls ‘the biofilm hack’. Unlike most products that can’t penetrate the skin’s EPS layer, the treatment can break right through to target bacteria — which is what makes it oh-so-effective at treating congestion.


It’s no surprise that tbh skincare makes one of the best breakout treatments on the block, as acne-prone skin is kind of their thing. The cruelty-free, Aussie-founded brand was born out of co-founder Rachael Wilde’s 13-year battle with acne. She teamed up with medical research experts to formulate a range of gentle and effective products specifically for ‘spotty hotties.’ And, Abbie isn’t the only one raving about the range.

“It’s literally changed my life. I have always felt so insecure about my skin and tried many many products but this one is by far the best,” said one happy reviewer. Another shared: “It genuinely took only one week to start seeing results. There were fewer spots and the redness and painful jaw spots had already started to fade.”


tbh skincare’s amazing lineup also includes a cleanser, moisturiser, serum, and pimple patches. So, whether you’re trying to treat a stubborn pimple or be proactive about your skin, every stage of your routine is sorted. And, it’s now even easier to get your hands on the products because the brand recently launched into Coles and Priceline.

You can also shop the full tbh skincare range here.

Main image credit: @abbiechatfield/@tbhskincare_

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