The foods Alessandra Ambrosio can’t live without

Including her guilty pleasure (which she eats every day!)

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

One look at Alessandra Ambrosios toned body and its hard not to feel envious. Or be curious as to what she eats to stay so lean. Recently, when speaking to French Vogue, the Victoria’s Secret veteran revealed the exact foods she eats to keep in shape and the guilty pleasures she indulges in to keep her sane. Here’s what we learnt:

#1 / Her healthy breakfast

It’s widely known as the most important meal of the day, so Alessandra makes sure to start her day off right. “My perfect breakfast is an avocado with a freshly squeezed juice, a big cup of coffee, and boiled or fried eggs, lightly browned with coconut oil. You can’t beat it,” she says. Not only does her breakfast sound delicious (who doesn’t love an avo?), it also combines quality foods high in good fats and proteins that will keep you fuller for longer. We can see why shes a fan.

#2 / Her favourite foods

Despite loving a breakfast that we could most definitely jump on board with, it turns out Alessandra’s favourite foods don’t include our one true food love…”I’m not a huge fan of pasta, but I love preparing big salads and soups, and fish and meat are a great source of protein,” she said. Note to self: Add bright and colourful salads that are jam-packed with nutrients to our list of summer must-eats.

#3 / Her go-to juice recipe

We're already on board with green juices and smoothies, but were always on the lookout for a new recipe to try. Alessandras go-to blend has just topped our list. “Each morning, I alternate between a big glass of fresh orange juice and my favourite combination of fruits and veg: kale, cucumber, ginger, lemon and Granny Smith apples.”

#4 / Her pick for on-the-go snacks

There’s nothing more tempting than a mid-morning of afternoon snack that, lets be honest, regularly involves a sugary treat that we wish we had the willpower to walk away from. But Alessandras secret to not indulging her sweet tooth is to be prepared. “I always carry almonds, a piece of fruit or a chia seed energy bar with me at all times in case I feel like a snack,” she shared.

#5 / Her biggest guilty pleasure

Everyone has a guilty pleasure food that they love to indulge in on a regular basis and it turns out the Victoria’s Secret veteran’s choice is one we’re sure many of you share. The model told Vogue hers is “Cupcakes! I have at least one a day.”

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