Amazon’s best-selling eyebrow product can last up to 3 days

The results from this waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof gel are pretty impressive

BeautyCrew Beauty Assistant / August 07 2019

Amazon’s beauty section is home to a wild array of products that you wouldn’t typically find in your local Priceline.

One such product that has caught our attention is Amazon’s best-selling brow product – WUNDER2 WUNDERBROW – which is a long-lasting, waterproof eyebrow gel.

When we say long-lasting, we really mean it.

This little guy boasts serious staying power, lasting up to three days after the initial application. Wow.

Settling somewhere between a brow tint, a brow gel and a professional in-salon microblading treatment, this interesting product seems to have really found a loyal fandom among those who want a more than the average brow product can deliver. These are just some of the rave reviews left by Amazon shoppers:

“It is fantastic for me as someone who has relatively oily skin mid way through the day, and has a tendency to touch their face. I am getting married in June, and am on the hunt for the best make-up options that will not only look natural, but actually stay on all day. This one is a keeper for sure. I'll cry if they ever stop making it.”

“I had an appointment to get eyebrow tattoo-ing done on myself. I was really nervous about it. What if they screw up and I have to live with it. I saw this add for wunderbrow on Instagram and looked it up on amazon. Because I have PRIME! Yay two day shipping! I ordered it, and gave it a whirl, its great. BTW... I cancelled my brow tattoo appointment. Saved me $600 and possibly a lifetime of regret!”

Basically, it’s the perfect solution to not having to draw on a full set of brows every morning (a total hassle) or fully committing to the permanency (and cost) of microblading.

At USD$22 (approximately AUD$33), compared to microblading Wunderbrow is practically a steal, plus, after looking at the before and after photos of Amazon reviewers’ brows, we’re seriously impressed.

Amazon’s teeming with excellent beauty buys. Case in point: their best-selling self-tanner (which is all-natural btw).

Would you try this semi-permanent brow option? Let us know in the comments below.

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