A beauty editor’s guide to getting ready (and glowing) in the morning

The early bird gets to romanticise their 5-9

Editor / November 23 2022

As a natural early riser, I’ve long been a morning person, but I wouldn’t say I’ve always been a productive morning person. But long gone are my days of the ‘roll over, scroll Instagram and then panic that I’m late for work’ pattern. Present-day me is all about a morning routine.

‘Seize the day’ may be a cliché quote gracing the covers of iffy calendars, but it’s still damn well true. By devoting your mornings to setting yourself up for the most positive and productive day possible, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. And look – I’m a beauty editor, you should already know my morning routine will be heavily skin care-centric.

Basically, it’s time you turned your haphazard morning rush into an intentional morning routine. If TikTok has taught us anything, it’s that romanticising the ‘little things’ in our lives allows us to enjoy them so much more. So, from sprucing my space to supporting my skin health, here’s everything I do in my morning routine as a beauty editor….

Step 1: Make the bed

A sure-fire way to make sure you won’t be tempted to crawl back into bed? Making it. Once those corners are tucked and the pillows are stacked to perfection, you won’t want to disturb the peace. It’s a productive way to kick off your day that takes a few mere minutes but sets you (and your space) up for success.

Step 2: Waterfront walk

I’m an ‘if I don’t do it now, it may never happen’ type of person so I like to get my active session ticked off in the morning wherever possible. I like to change straight into activewear (points for feeling like pyjamas but giving the impression that you’re put together) and head out for a walk. My destination differs each day, but I usually like to stroll somewhere down by the water. It’s super peaceful, even with a ‘00s club hits playlist blaring.

Step 3: Shower

Once I’m home, it’s straight into the shower for a full hair and body wash (yes, including legs, you filthy animals). I like to play a pop culture news podcast while I lather up (shoutout to my beloved Bluetooth shower speaker), so I can exit feeling fresh and up to date on the latest Hollywood goings-on – crucial.

Step 4: Skin care

I apply my skin care straight out of the shower to maximise the absorption, starting with a cooling spritz of mist to nix any post-shower redness. I’ve got my daily routine down pat: a quick ice roll, a replenishing essence, a moisture-rich rosehip oil and a swipe or six of moisturiser (all before a generous beyond generous coating of SPF).

Step 5: Pick an outfit

Time to pick an outfit for the day! If I’m working from home, it’ll be some style of coordinated lounge set or a fresh activewear duo – anything that’ll suffice on a Zoom meeting or PR package pick-up that still feels like butter. If it’s off to the office or an event, I’m usually a dress and sneakers kind of girl. Heels if I’m feeling fancy, but honestly, I’ll change into them .2 seconds before walking in. Comfort for the win wherever possible!

Step 6: Collagen supplements

My topical skin care routine may be done for the morning, but I recommend doing a little something to support the skin from the inside out as well. The body naturally starts producing less collagen from your mid to late 20s (bummer, I know). So adding a supplement to your routine is your best bet for rebuilding those lost collagen fibres at a cellular level (AKA deep within the dermis).

Bioglan Marine Collagen Beauty Complex ($23.49) at Chemist Warehouse) offers a high-strength dose of marine collagen peptides (the best form of collagen for skin health and function, thanks to being rich in ‘type 1 collagen’). This marine collagen is also combined with vitamin C and zinc (super powerful antioxidant superstars) to amp it up even more. It’s basically working to support everything from elasticity and firmness to fine lines, dullness, and overall skin health – quite the snazzy resume.

Bioglan Marine Collagen Beauty Complex

The directions are simple: take two tablets daily (swallowed with a glass of water) to support collagen formation and skin health, or four tablets per day to support reduced wrinkles and firmer skin. I like to have breakfast a little later personally, so I love that this A.M. step sets me off on my water-drinking journey early, so that my stomach doesn’t feel completely empty until ‘toast o’clock’ hits. The pink tablets are cute as pie, too; a perk.

If you prefer to start your day off with something like a juice or smoothie, however, there’s another ace option for you: the Bioglan Marine Collagen Beauty Powder ($22.56 at Chemist Warehouse). Also rich in the same marine collagen peptides, it works in a similar way, helping to rebuild those same lost collagen fibres. It’s also GMO-free, gluten-free, filler-free and unflavoured. Add two scoops (or 5g) into your drink as part of your daily beauty routine. Easy, right?

Bioglan Marine Collagen Beauty Powder

Step 7: To-do list

Post-supplement I’m prepped for the day! I close out my morning routine by jotting down all the tasks I want to complete over the next few hours. I still prefer a physical notebook – they’re just more efficient for me. And cuter, obviously. Plus, the art of checking things off is just so much more satisfying. Once I’ve got them jotted down (and ordered in terms of priority) it’s time to get right to work, relishing in positive vibes from my morning routine. Another fabulous day of beauty editing awaits!

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Delaney began her career in the Australian beauty media industry in 2015, landing amidst the glossy world of women’s lifestyle magazines (or more literally, in their beauty cupboards). Since then, she has gone on to write across a multitude of beloved Australian media brands, including OK!, NW, InStyle, and Harper’s BAZAAR. She’s covered every side of beauty content, from directing beauty editorial shoots to rounding up the best glossy serums for golden hour skin. Having spent nearly a decade immersed in the beauty realm, Delaney’s knowledge of beauty is as extensive as her collection of tinted lip oils (read: extremely extensive). Delaney is currently the Digital Managing Editor of BEAUTYcrew, and her beauty wisdom also appears across beautyheaven, ELLE and Marie Claire. She enjoys channelling her personal hobby (testing beauty products) into her professional work (talking about testing beauty products), and considers perfecting the art of a cat eye in a moving car her life’s greatest accomplishment.

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