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Content Producer / February 07 2024

When opting for a fresh-faced look, dark under-eye circles are less than desirable. The common and frustrating beauty woe can often make people look more tired than they feel, creating a sense of hearty expectation for one’s full-coverage concealer. And, sure, while concealer can give us the appearance of ‘faking it ‘til you make it’, is it too much to ask to wake up bright-eyed and ready to seize the day?

This is where eye cream comes in. Formulated with dark circles in mind, we’ve collated a list of the best under-eye creams to tackle those pesky bags. 

Whether you're dealing with occasional darkness under your eyes or looking for a long-term solution, we’ve got a product for you.

2024’s top 3 eye creams

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, $65, Kiehls
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + ECGG, $14, Priceline 
Ole Henrikson Banana Bright+ Eye Crème, $63, Sephora

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

This cult classic cream is a known wonder for dark under-eye circles. The ultra-hydrating formula works to moisturise and brighten the eye area with inclusions of avocado oil, beta-carotene and shea butter. Apply as an under-eye mask for 10 minutes for a quick brightening burst.

Key features:
- 14g size
- Key ingredients of avocado oil. beta -carotene and shea butter

Available at:
- $65 from Kiehls
- $62 from MECCA

FaceTheory Ocuwake Eye Cream

Like the name of this product suggests, your eye area will look a whole lot more awake with regular application of this cream. The potent blend of actives are gentle enough for your under-eye area but hard-hitting enough to actually hydrate and brighten.

Key features:
- Infused with vitamin C, ferulic acid, licorice and chamomile
- 30mL size

Available at:
- $42 from FaceTheory

Paula’s Choice C5 Super Boost Eye Cream

This concentrated eye cream was specifically developed with dark under-eyes in mind. A concentrated 5 per cent of vitamin C targets discolouration and dullness while peptides work on maintaining skin health.

Key features:
- 15mL size
- 5 per cent vitamin C

Available at:
- $44 from Paula’s Choice

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + ECGG

You can’t go wrong with caffeine for tiredness - and this applies to the under-eyes too. As their most popular product, The Ordinary’s Caffeine Solution works to ease the appearance of non-genetic dark circles.

Key features:
- Serum formula
- 5 per cent concentration of vitamin C
- 30mL size

Available at:
- $14.60 from Adore Beauty
- $14 from Priceline 
- $14.60 from The Ordinary
- $15 from Sephora
- $28.60 (for two) from Look Fantastic
- $14.60 from Myer

Ole Henrikson Banana Bright+ Eye Crème

This eye cream has achieved icon status - and for good reason. The Ole Henrikson Banana Bright cream will be your skin care staple, working to brighten the area overtime and providing the perfect base for makeup to sit on top. 

Key features:
- Key ingredients of vitamin C, shea butter and light-reflecting pigments
- 15mL size

Available at:
- $63 from Sephora
- $63 from Adore Beauty
- $63 from THE ICONIC

What to look for in an eye cream for dark circles

When targeting dark circles, brightening is going to be your main focus. As such, ingredients like vitamin C are going to be your go-to. Alongside this staple, much like it wakes your body up, caffeine is a great topical to apply under the eyes thanks to its ability to reduce pigmentation and puffiness.

A great way to find out if you eye cream is targeted to dark circles is if it includes the words 'brightening', 'cooling' or 'luminising'. Avocado is also a great ingredient to look out for when seeking these effects.

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