The unique concealer shade Kim Kardashian West swears by for ditching dark circles

BYE blue tones

Digital Beauty Editor / November 02 2020

One thing has been crystal clear ever since that infamous pic of Kim Kardashian West’s face covered in concealer went viral – girl takes base application seriously.

But while she’s been embracing the power of products that deepen shadows and enhance light for many years now (it’s not called the Kardashian contour for nothing), it seems there’s now a new step in her complexion-concealing routine: colour correction.

Taking to Instagram to reveal that she’d added a new first step to her beloved ‘conceal, bake and brighten’ KKW concealing kits (spoiler alert: it’s correct), Kardashian West revealed that while it may be newer to her routine, it's now one that she never, ever skips.

“This is my first step in my concealer routine no matter what kind of look I’m going for, I really can’t do glam without it,” she confirmed. “I have dark under-eye circles that can get really blue and purple when I’m tired, so my secret weapon to cover them up is with a corrector.”

We couldn't be more on board; colour correcting is truly the unsung hero of the makeup world. It's all about first evening out any blue tones and neutralising the area before going in with concealer to add coverage and brightness, and it can work wonders if done right. In Kardashian West's case, a peachy red tone is what cancels out her dark circles.

“You just dab it anywhere that you’re dark,” Kardashian West explained, adding that her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic often applies it around her lower lips as well, as shadows can also occur there. "What I like to do is see where the shadows are in pictures of my face, and try to brighten up where they would be. You can [also] put it on your upper lip if you have melasma,” she added.

Don’t be put off by how it looks when you first apply, either. Kardashian’s advice? Trust the process. “It might scare a lot of people that are not used to seeing this tone. You just blend it all out evenly, but you’ll still see the tone - it’ll just block out the blueness and the darkness.”

Basically, don’t be alarmed when red-toned residue is still very much visible, even after some serious blending – that’s where concealer comes in.

“Once you feel that you’ve got this base of the colour that’s like a wash, [you’re] now going to use concealer,” Kardashian West shared, confirming that she doesn’t like to double dip with her beauty blender. “I have my [colour] corrector sponge and then [I also have] my other one which is just clean, because you don’t really want to mix [the colours] up.”

Her final verdict? Succinct but glowing. “Now since the corrector’s underneath, like look at that,” she raved, admiring her handiwork. Dark circles? We don't know them.

Images via: @kimkardashian

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