Do you *really* need a jade roller in your beauty kit?

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Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / June 12 2019

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet as of late, we guarantee you’ve seen those pretty little jade rollers getting around. You know the ones – they’re usually spotted on Instagram, delicately placed near a cute colourful beauty fridge, or seen sweeping the face of an influencer.

Rubbing our faces with precious crystals has weirdly become a completely normal thing, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr and Hilary Duff all jumping in on the jade roller trend.

While we’re all about getting on-board a good celeb-approved beauty trend, you’re probably wondering the same thing as us - do jade rollers actually work? Are they just another fad or could they be the secret to better skin? Let’s take a closer look. 

What are jade rollers?

Basically, a jade face roller is a skin care tool made from (you guessed it!) jade. It’s probably one of the most common types of crystal massaging tools, and while it usually comes in the shape of hand-held rollers (it pretty much looks like a mini paint roller), you can also find them in flat-looking stones (called gua sha tools).

So, what is jade? While different crystals are believed to have different healing properties, the jade stone itself is thought to be a healing and protecting stone.

Where did the idea for jade rollers come from?

PSA: These guys aren’t new. They’ve actually been around for AGES. Crystal massaging tools, like jade rollers, originate from China and have been around for centuries. They were most commonly used in Chinese medicine to promote oxygenation and regeneration, and are also believed to have intrinsic healing properties.

How to use a jade roller

A jade massage roller is most commonly used after your facial cleansing routine, for around two to three minutes per day.

Simply start off by applying a few drops of your favourite facial oil (try The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil), moisturiser or serum to your complexion. Then, using the jade roller, apply gentle pressure while rolling the tool from the centre of your face in upward and outward motions. Concentrate on working around your facial contours and applying more pressure with each upwards motion – this ensures you are massaging the facial muscles. 

Jade rollers generally feature a larger stone on one end for your cheeks, jaw and forehead, and the smaller stone works as a nose, lip and eye roller. 

What are the benefits of using a jade roller?

Jade rollers have become a popular facial treatment because they promise to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production. Jade rollers are also believed to promote lymphatic drainage (read: less puffiness), and the appearance of under-eye circles.

Do jade rollers *actually* work? 

While there’s a lot of hype around jade roller benefits (just type ‘jade roller before and after’ into Google search and read the reviews), aesthetician Sarah Hudson from Skin by Sarah Hudson says there isn’t much scientific evidence to back up its effectiveness for things like anti-ageing or acne scars.

She says, “In my professional opinion, a jade roller could not improve acne scarring, which is due to collagen damage when a pimple is formed, nor can it firm or tone the skin or act as an anti-ageing treatment.”

But don’t pass on jade rollers just yet! Hudson says although the jade stone itself doesn’t have any proven effects, the act of regular massaging can be very beneficial to the skin. “The benefits of jade rollers are due to the regular massaging effects (not so much the stones themselves), which helps to boost the circulation, reduce skin puffiness and give the skin an enhanced glow,” she says.

“Where they can be effective is helping to aide in detoxification such as lymphatic drainage, which moves fluid that pools under the skin creating a de-puffing effect, which is especially beneficial for puffiness around the eyes,” says Hudson. “Plus, by helping the circulation and detoxification of the skin, your home skin care will penetrate more effectively giving enhanced skin benefits.”

Hudson says massaging tools like jade rollers are also perfect when used in conjunction with sheet masks, saying they are great for “helping to smooth out edges, so they adhere better to your skin, ensuring the hydrating peptides get to areas that really need hydration like around the nose.”

The best jade rollers to try

 If you’re wondering where to buy a jade roller, Australia has a whole heap of options on the market (both wholesale and retail), and they can price anywhere between $6 to $60+ – just be aware that if it’s authentic (aka it’s actually a jade stone), it’s probably not going to be the cheapest one out there.

#1/ Zudoya Jade Roller
Price: $69.99
Why you’ll love it: Based in South Australia, Zudoya specialises in rollers and gua sha tools, so we’ve got a feeling they know what they’re doing. This premium jade roller might not be cheap, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. It also comes with a ‘Cool-Me ™’ Refrigerator bag, meaning you can pop it in the fridge for those days when your skin is looking puffy as heck.

#2/ Herbivore Botanicals Jade Roller
Price: $43.19
Why you’ll love it: Herbivore Botanicals have a big emphasis on ethically sourced materials, so you know this jade roller is coming from a good place. It’s actually made from Aventurine jade, also known as Indian jade (which is of the quartz family).

#3/ I Am Natural Store Jade Roller
Price: $33
Why you’ll love it: I Am Natural Store (or IANS) is stocked with premium organic and natural brands, combining luxe products and ethical beauty in one place. This guy not only looks ridiculously pretty, but it’s made of pure natural jade. Winning!

#4/ Nutrimetics Jade Roller
Price: $25
Why you’ll love it: Nutrimetics has been around for over 50 years, and it’s one of Australia’s most trusted e-tailers – so you can guarantee quality. 

#5/ Yu Ling Rollers
Price: Approx. $48.50
Why you’ll love it: Made from hand-carved Xiujan jade, Yu Ling’s facial rollers are completely customisable and you can choose from a variety of different stones, sizes and shapes.

#6/ White Lotus Designer Crystal Rollers
Price: $36
Why you’ll love it: This homegrown Aussie brand offers a lifetime guarantee for its jade rollers – which is just a good time in itself. These rollers are hand-carved and delivered in a beautiful silk-lined box – so luxe!

If you’re looking for some more beauty tools that are worth the investment, check out six picks you won’t regret shelling out your hard-earned dollars for.

What do you think of jade rollers? Have you tried them before? Let us know in the comment section below.

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