The facial tool Jessica Alba says takes ten years off her face

Jessica Alba Says This Beauty Tool Takes Ten Years Off Her Face

“It looks a little questionable”

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / November 02 2023

Ever wondered how American actress and Honest Beauty founder, Jessica Alba, manages to maintain a juicy, glowing complexion despite a hectic work and travel schedule plus raising three kids?

Well pals, you’re in luck ‘cause she’s spilt all her skin care secrets in a recent beauty tutorial vlog for British Vogue.

“I have three kids, I travel a lot, I’m freaking tired. This is my go-to way to look fresh and hydrated,” Jessica admits before delving into her beauty routine.

After applying a combo of her own Honest Beauty products, including Honest Beauty Deep Hydration Face Cream and Honest Beauty Everything Primer Glow in Glow to her face, Jessica uses a facial massage tool, which she describes as looking “a little questionable”:

The product in question is Nurse Jamie’s NuVibe RX Amethyst Massaging Beauty Roller.

And, Jessica sings its praises, saying:

“I feel like this really takes 10 years off my face. I’m basically in my mid-twenties right now.”

Wow! Those are some pretty serious accolades but considering Jessica’s smooth, glowing complexion, it seems to work a treat. So, how does this unusual-looking gadget do it?

Nurse Jamie’s NuVibe RX Amethyst Massaging Beauty Roller is designed to massage the face using soothing vibrations that pulsate 6,000 times per minute. The result? It’ll temporarily soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with plump, radiant skin. Sounds worth a shot, right?

If you’re interested in getting into skin care gadgets, we delved into whether they’re worth the splurge in the below episode of the Get Lippy podcast. Have a listen and decide for yourself:

Have you tried any beauty gadgets before? Let us know what your favourite beauty gadgets are and why in the comments.

Main image credit: @jessicaalba

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