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August 05 2020

Google “best workout for quick results” and you’ll be presented with thousands of entries. From HIIT training to fasted cardio, the internet is awash with theories on to how to tone up fast, most of them conflicting. There is, however, one area of fitness that can’t be refuted: when we should be hitting the gym.

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In a study out of the University of Southern Mississippi, researchers asked young athletes to train with weights at different times of day. The results showed all the participants had similar improvements in strength, although the group that trained at 6pm gained more muscle mass than those who did their workout at 10am. What’s more? The evening exercisers remained slightly leaner than the early-risers at the end of the experiment.

From a biological standpoint, this makes total sense: not only is the stress hormone cortisol highest in the morning, but our metabolism also slows down naturally as the day goes on. By squeezing in reps when the sun goes down, it’s forced to start up again. The result? An all-day energy burn and more defined muscles.

Plus, there's research to suggest that evening strength training session effectively combats stress and improve sleep, both of which are super important when it comes to weight loss.

Brb, off to stop at the squat rack on the way home from work. 

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What's your favourite time of day to workout?

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