We're breaking a sweat just watching Shay Mitchell's bodyweight workout

*Wipes forehead with towel*

August 05 2020

Maybe you’re all hyped up at the thought of Winter finally ending. Maybe you’re just looking to move your body more (less couch-ing, more cardio.) Whatever your reason for clicking on this article, Shay Mitchell is about to inspire you to get off your booty and start sweating up a storm.

You see, the actress has been sharing some of the outdoor workouts she’s been doing in quarantine via her TikTok account. They seem insanely tough, which makes sense considering she’s pretty darn fit (I mean… just look at those abs 😍).

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Take the one she posted earlier this week, for example.

It requires next to no equipment (just a box or bench to use as a prop) and minimal space, making it easy to do almost anywhere you can maintain a safe social distance from others (the park! A garage! Your yard! etc.) “Some exercises from my workout today that you can do at home!” she captioned it.

Below, we’ve broken it down:

  1. Crossover high knees (30 seconds)
  2. Squat jumps or box jumps (15 reps)
  3. Step-ups or travelling toe taps (20 each leg)
  4. Modified burpees with a reverse lunge (5 each leg)

Repeat everything x 3.

Check out the full video to watch Shay smashing one set (which, btw, was the entrée to her pizza… After all, what’s life without balance, eh?)

Main image credit: @shaymitchell

What's your go-to at-home workout?

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