The bizarre trick to finding your perfect nude lipstick

This is one of the weirder tricks we’ve heard

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 26 2017

We’ve heard some bizarre beauty stories and hacks in our time, like trimming your hair and sticking it to your eyebrows to make them appear thicker, or when Olivia Munn credited Japanese potatoes as the secret to her weight loss – but this latest beauty trick is definitely one of our favourites that we’ve heard so far. 

We know the hunt for finding the perfect nude lipstick to match your skin tone feels never ending, but American TV show The Doctors – which shares real-life medical stories, answers and advice – has just revealed the trick to finding your perfect match in seconds. The bizarre hack involves matching the lip colour to your nipple! The doctor making the claim, physician Travis Lane Stork explains, “We have a great way to pick your best shade for your face. What you want to do [is] you want to match your nipple colour. Nature knows best.”

The theory has since been put to the test, with vlogger James Charles documenting the new-found method on his Youtube channel as he swatched 10 of his favourite liquid lipsticks on his chest. Not surprisingly, the unusual video has already racked up a whopping 412,000 views in just 10 days.

While testing this theory is likely the only way to find out if it works for you, it’s one of the more interesting tricks we’ve heard. And if anything can get us one step closer to finding our Holy Grail nude lipstick, it’s worth a shot right?

In the meantime, here’s another go-to lipstick shade that works for every skin tone.

Image credit: @hungvanngo


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