Bubble braids are the lazy girl’s answer to low-maintenance hair

No time for tricky styles? This one’s for you

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 22 2022

There’s nothing we love more than a lazy girl beauty hack. Each time we stumble upon a new way to effortlessly live our best life (whether it be a cheeky cheat for glorious hair, skin or makeup), we’re reassured in the fact that we’re not the only ones just trying to make it through the day as stress-free as possible. Hashtag relatable.

This particular hair hack goes out to anyone who’s ever struggled to master braiding. Because while that criss-crossing cursed style requires some form of skill, bubble braids do not. And it’s this low fuss solution for us dextrally-challenged individuals that makes us love it so damn much.




Honestly, the method behind this puffy pigtail style couldn’t be simpler. To recreate, start by separating the hair into one or two ponytails at your desired placement (low, high or either side, it’s up to you). 

Then, with clear mini hair ties at the ready, section and tie your lengths at multiple points down the ponytail. Once secured, gently pull at each section to create multiple ‘bubbles’, customising your look with how voluminous or teased you make them. 

Set with a lightweight hairspray for extra staying power and et voila, you’ve got yourself bubble braids.




Celebs are jumping onboard the bubble braid bandwagon as well, with everyone from Gigi Hadid and Olivia Rodrigo to singer Griff (who recently got Taylor Swift's stamp of appreciation, FYI) embracing the style.

The best bit? They've all been 'bubbling' in their own way. Hadid opted for baby bubble braids on each side of her centre part, Rodrigo left her bangs free and tied her multiple braids with mini pastel elastics, and Griff looked stunning with her signature single oversized bubble pony.

Simple, chic, and celeb approved; sounds like a winner to us.




Bubble braids aren’t just beloved by celebrities and the folks all over Instagram, the wily youth of TikTok have embraced the trend too.

Creators on the platform have shown us the true breadth of the hairstyle, proving that bubble braids look good on everyone; different lengths and textures of hair too. 

They somehow have an even cuter name in the afro hair community – “poodle puffs”. 

The more you know, aye.

How to style bubble braids according to a pro

Professional stylist Michael Gray has been going viral on Instagram with his interpretations of the bubble braid. 

In conversation with CR, Gray admitted he rated them because “bubble braids, if styled correctly, can be less damaging than traditional braids,” he says. “Especially when scrunchies are involved.”


“If it’s a ponytail, stick with the same consistency going all the way down,” Gray advised. “Or start with bigger ones going into smaller bubbles.”

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Main image credit: @michaelgrayhair

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