This body moisturiser saved my dry winter skin

Here’s what happened when I tried the TikTok-approved hydrator

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / June 22 2021

I have perpetually dry skin. So dry that if I don’t moisturise I could easily be mistaken for a desert-dwelling reptile. In fact, throughout high school, anytime I dared to venture into class without my thick woollen stockings on during winter, my friends would berate me for looking like a literal lizard person thanks to my exposed scaly, dry limbs.  

Even as an adult who is on top of her moisturising game, my dry skin is still often in desperate need of help. I’m forever on the hunt for body moisturiser formulas that’ll fix my dehydration issue – literally I’ll try almost anything. 

So just what would it take to save my dry skin?

Drum roll please… let me introduce you to CeraVe Moisturising Cream. 

A body moisturiser that not only promises to maintain hydration levels in the skin for up to 24 hours, but also helps to strengthen and maintain the protective skin barrier whilst optimising the skin’s moisture retention, by utilising CeraVe’s triple ceramide blend, hyaluronic acid and patented MVE Technology. Sign me up – amiright? 

There’s a reason why TikTok skin care aficionados like Hyram can’t get enough of CeraVe – in fact, I was already a massive fan of  CeraVe’s Moisturising Lotion for the summer months (it’s nice and light-weight). So having a budget-friendly, rich and thick, yet fast absorbing moisturiser that I could trust to tide me over during winter sounded like a dream. 

I mean, when you can pick up a refill from Chemist Warehouse for less than $20, what do you have to lose? 

How did CeraVe Moisturising Cream hold up, you ask?

Well, to say I was impressed with the rich formulation would be an understatement. 

On first use I noticed that the moisturising cream was most definitely richer and thicker than the lightweight lotion I loved so much, but it was still just as fast-absorbing as CeraVe’s summer-friendly pick. I didn’t have to brave the cold waiting for it to dry before I could put on my clothes and get on with my day either – always a bonus. The real kicker for me though was how buttery soft it left my limbs after application – making it very difficult to not fall into the temptation of feeling my silky skin all day. 

Limb-stroking aside though, when it comes to providing long-lasting hydration, this unassuming tub of moisturiser does not disappoint. Even at the end of the day (after applying in the morning) my skin was still feeling moisturised and luscious. I even missed one day of moisturising to see if the formula still held up, and lo and behold, your girl’s skin was still looking hydrated despite me skipping my morning moisturiser routine. 

Another thing I love about this pick is it’s versatility – you can use this moisturiser on your face as well as your body, making it a great option for those who cannot stop hoarding multiple skin and body care options in their bathroom cabinet. Or maybe you’re like me and you just want to make sure you’re absolutely slathered in moisturiser from head to toe at all times. We love options.

Brought to you by CeraVe.

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