I made every mistake trying the new Charlotte Tilbury Cryo Mask so you don’t have to

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Editor / November 09 2021

Ever since I read that Margot Robbie’s makeup artist uses ice to de-puff the actress’ face, I’ve wanted to give the method a try. 

But it wasn’t until the Charlotte Tilbury Cryo Recovery Mask ($90 at charlottetilbury.com/au) came across my desk that I finally had a lazy girl’s solution. 

Sure, I could’ve just popped a few ice cubes out of the freezer and massaged them across my face, but this was a much fancier-looking option.

My face certainly tends to appear puffier in the morning (mainly around the cheeks and jawline area), so the first chance I got to try it out in the A.M., I dove right in. The only problem with that? Well, I’ll tell you…

Charlotte Tilbury Cryo Mask Review

If you haven’t seen this mask on your Instagram feed yet, it’s quite unique. 

It’s made from silicone, with cooling ‘gel pockets’ (to me they’re kinda like those mouldable freezer things you put on a swollen ankle) strategically placed beneath the eyes, across the forehead, and under the chin. 

The mask comes with two straps – one to go from front to back around your head and the other from your chin to the top of your head – making it very secure while wearing. It’s also reusable; you simply have to wipe it down after use.

I have now used the mask on multiple mornings, and, well, there’s a bit of a learning curve.

The mask instructs that it is to be placed in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before wearing it for 10 minutes. Easy peasy right? Well, not for me, apparently…




#1 Just put it in the freezer the night before

If you’re worried leaving it in the freezer overnight will ‘harm’ it, it won’t. The only other alternative is to wake up half an hour before your alarm and put it in the freezer. Just do the full eight and be done with it. In fact, it could probably just live there. But if you do it this way, you'll definitely want to pay attention to my next point...

#2 Don’t put it on your face straight out of the freezer

Unless you want a brain freeze. Seriously, this happened. Twice. My advice would be to leave it to thaw for 1-2 minutes and then use the warmth of your fingers to make sure the cooling gel pockets become moveable. Otherwise, you’ll just be putting stiff, hard-as-rock patches on your face that jut out rather than conform to your grooves. 

#3 Avoid doing your skin care first

I have seen some video demonstrations where the cryo eye cream is used in conjunction with the mask, but from my experience, I’d keep any product application until after use. It may be because I’m overzealous with my creams, but the ice will only adhere to the moisture and so I found the mask worked better on a clean, dry face. Plus, when you apply your skin care afterwards, there’s still a leftover cooling sensation that makes massaging them in feel all the more better.

The final verdict

Look, if you’re already a big fan of the morning ice method and you’re after a lazy girl’s alternative, I think it’s a great and clever mask. After all, if you’ve got a puffy face upon waking like me, you’ll need your hands free for making coffee, not catching drips of melting water running down your face.

I did find that it had a mild de-puffing effect on my face and brought a flush of colour to the surface of my skin. But for the effort, I can’t see it becoming a mainstay in my everyday routine. Hungover Sundays? Now that’s a different story. I guess that's why it's called a 'recovery' mask...


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