Colgate is launching a recyclable toothpaste tube

Colgate Launches First Ever Vegan Recyclable Toothpaste

Along with a new vegan toothpaste

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / January 16 2020

If you’ve been making a conscious effort to reduce your personal waste but have struggled to find sustainable toothpaste options, we’ve got good news. Colgate has announced it's launching a new vegan toothpaste and it's set to be homed in a recyclable tube.

Bearing the name Smile for Good, Colgate’s new toothpaste is set to make waves in the sustainable beauty space thanks to its first-of-a-kind tube. To produce the product, Colgate developed technology to allow the toothpaste tubes to be made from the same recyclable plastic as milk bottles. It’s therefore possible to recycle the tubes along with other usual household recyclables.

And, in a bid to quickly help get the world on a more eco-friendly track, Colgate is even sharing the breakthrough tube technology with competing brands.

So far, Smile For Good has launched in Europe and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear of the Australian release date.

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