You can now dye your hair for less than $2

The unexpected and whacky new beauty hack to try

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

Since we dont have a hairstylist on speed dial to call whenever we want a quick hair transformation (which seems to be often with all the celeb hair transformations popping up on Instagram of late), we’re always keen to hear about hair hacks that are going to save us some serious cents. Enter the new crepe paper hair dye trick that beauty bloggers and vloggers alike are obsessed with right now.

The hair hack that’s sweeping YouTube uses just three household ingredients – salt, water and crepe paper. YouTube personality Kristine Roces, aka RealAsianBeauty, uploaded a video to her channel with a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the look.

The process involved combining a dash of salt, warm water and strips of coloured crepe paper in a bowl (if you're trying this at home, dont forget to wear gloves to save your hands from colour stains). Once the dye from the paper had leaked into the water, she dipped the ends of her hair into the liquid and waited 15 minutes. She then finished by shampooing, conditioning and styling her hair as normal before revealing her new soft rainbow hair. The ombré colour should last up to one week, depending on how often you wash and condition your hair.




Whilst were impressed with the hack and how easy it makes trialling a new colour without the commitment of permanent dyes, just remember that paper dye is not going to do much for the health of your hair. Real dyes and chalks have been specifically formulated to work on hair and are designed to limit damage. Crepe paper not so much!

If you’re looking to give this hair hack a go and switch up your colour DIY-style, check out these rainbow celebrity hair colours for inspiration.

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