Research finds crying could help you lose weight

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July 27 2020

In theory, losing weight requires a ton of willpower – swap sitting for salads, Cadbury’s for cardio and kebabs for abs. But what if we told you there was a way to drop a dress size without any effort?

According to a new study, crying can legitimately help you kick extra kilos to the curb. You see, the hormones that go-hand-in-hand with extreme emotions heighten levels of cortisol which, if not released, results in a build-up of fat around the mid-section.

Btw, this research backs up the findings of biochemist William Frey, who in 1982 reported that tears could assist in the removal of toxic substances from the body. They just need to be psychic tears (the type that are trigged by genuine feelings and emotions) to bring about benefits. Basal tears (responsible for keeping our eyes moist) and reflex tears (the kind we shed involuntarily when exposed to dust, smoke and wind) don’t have the same effect.

Also worth noting? There's a peak time of day that this works best (between 7pm and 10pm.)

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What weight loss regime have you tried lately?

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