The 'crystal part' is the glitzy (but SUPER simple) way to dress up any hair look

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Digital Beauty Editor / February 07 2023

Call it the continued Euphoria effect, but lately celebs, influencers, and beauty lovers alike are committed to getting glitter onto every area possible.

But though, yes, eyelids are the obvious choice and nails are no doubt fair game as well, the latest sparkle-centric aesthetic on the block is a bit more outside the box.

Enter the 'crystal part', a trend that's exactly what it sounds like: crystals applied to your hair part, in order to take every single hair look (whether elaborate or easy in the styling stakes) straight into statement territory. 

Take Perrie Edwards' centre-parted wavy style for instance; a pretty look to start with, sure, but add a few strategically-placed rhinestones and suddenly it's an all-around showstopper.


Florence Pugh is also aboard the crystal part bandwagon, proving that sparkle looks just as majestic on brunette hair as it does blonde, and that slightly smaller stones have just as bigger impact.

She's also making a pretty convincing case for the return of the side part (soz not soz, Gen Z), sweeping her cool crop to the left (and also placing one sneakily chic rhinestone on its far side for added pizzazz).

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Want to get in on the look? It's simpler than it seems. Rhinestone kits (which tend to include the actual gems, plus a pair of placing tweezers and an applicator pen) are surprisingly cheap. For example, you can't go wrong with the Topwv Rhinestone Kit ($26.90 at Amazon).

As for what keeps said stones in place, all you'll need is a little lash glue. Just make sure you go for clear; you want the crystals to appear as if they're 'floating' along your part, not doused in black or white gunky glue.

Topwv Rhinestone Kit

Ardell Clear Lash Adhesive

Main image credit: @perrieedwards

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