Did Bella Hadid just make our old high school headbands cool?


Digital Beauty Editor / May 02 2022

We knew Euphoria's resident fashion and beauty queen Maddy Perez was powerful... but inspiring an actual supermodel to revive a high school hair trend?! That's a serious superpower.

Yep, a few mere months after Perez rocked one as part of her iconic/nostalgic New Year's Eve aesthetic, Bella Hadid has stepped out with a zig zag headband of her own.

And considering Hadid is one of the most fashionable women in the world (not to mention a modern day beauty icon) it's safe to say that any accessory she puts her stamp of approval on will soon be everywhere.

So no, said zig zag headbands are no longer solely a thing in the fictional world of Euphoria; they've now made a return to the real world, too.

Of course, it is worth noting that Hadid's look should be taken with a pinch of salt; it was for sister Gigi's Y2K-themed birthday party. But considering '00s-inspired everything is in right now, we'd be shocked if it didn't become the biggest hair trend of the season now that it has both Perez and Hadid's stellar seals of approval.

We wouldn't even be mad about it, either; of all the cyclical hair trends staging comebacks (from snap-clip layering to 'the pouf'), this has to be one of our faves. Like, why do we low-key still love the way it looks every bit as much as we did in high school?!

It's a style with perks, too: not only does it leave one's cheekbones lifted and face looking snatched, but it's also an easy way to keep hair away from the face when the winter wind hits. Points for practicality!

Tempted to try the trend for yourself? It's a cheap and simple one to get in on. Just run your straightener over your strands, add a zig zag headband like the Lady Jayne Wire Bandeau ($7.49 at Chemist Warehouse), and you're good to go. Nostalgia at its chicest!

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