Gigi & Bella Hadid just stole Will Byers' signature bowl cut

While also sporting shaved sides?

Editor / June 29 2022

Matching haircuts may be a sisterly rite of passage, sure, but for most of us, they tend to occur under the age of 10 and because mum thought it would be ‘cute’.

And yet Gigi and Bella Hadid have made it a thing once more, at the respective ages of 27 and 25. That’s a serious sister bond! The other difference? Instead of their mum, it was actually Marc Jacobs who made the coordinating cut call. But here's the best bit: it's not just any old chop, we're talking corresponding bowl cuts.

Because apparently while we were all enjoying Stranger Things for the plotlines, Marc Jacobs was busy eyeing up Will Byers’ controversial helmet head aesthetic (with a twist).

While the bowl shape is definitely present up top, the cut also has a bit of a mullet vibe (with long, straight strands stemming down at the back), and (in perhaps the wildest part) completely shaved sides.

Yes, seriously. And though we didn’t think we’d ever see one Hadid sister (let alone both) embracing such a style, we must admit it’s a bit of a moment.


So did our favourite supermodel siblings seriously shave their heads?! Allegedly so. “ANYTHING 4 MARC,” Gigi captioned her snap, alongside a telling razor emoji. That’s commitment to couture!

And otherwise, they've managed to find the world's most realistic bald caps - we see skin texture and all!

But while some celeb friends were big fans (with Queer Eye star Tan France commenting “It’s so good!!! 😍”), other followers weren’t so sure: “All i can say is what the fawk,” one wrote.


The look seemed to highlight the resemblance between the two sisters, too, with commenters also specifically telling Gigi, “You look like Bella Hadid”. Well, sure, twin bowl cuts and similar sets of genetics will do that!

Main image credit: Getty Images

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