How to make your anti-ageing skin care routine as easy as possible

We’ve narrowed it down to the most simple and effective steps

July 11 2022

Feeling overwhelmed by how big the skin care world has gotten? We don’t blame you, it’s hectic out there.

With shelves filled to the brim with products, it’s hard to know where to start, let alone end.

So we’ve gone and done the tough job of sorting it out for you. After all, a nightly skin care routine should act as an easy and relaxing finish to your day, not a confusing one.

And while some steps may vary to cater to specific skin needs, we’ve kept the key ones aimed at the two common goals many of us strive for as we get older: reduced wrinkles and brighter skin.

Sound exactly like what your skin needs? We’ve got the quick and simple steps to get you there…


Remove the day

All good nighttime routines start by removing what’s left on the skin at the end of the day. Even if you aren’t wearing makeup, it’s important to break down other things like SPF, dirt and grime to create a clear pathway for your cleanser and following steps. You’ll get much more out of your skin care products by starting with a clean slate. Garnier Micellar Water ($13.95 for 400ml at Chemist Warehouse) is a favourite for gentle removal of daily residue.



Now it’s time for your skin to have a proper clean to prep it for the powerhouse products that’ll follow (more on that later). Don’t just slap it on and rinse it off, though. This step will be way more beneficial if you take a minute to really massage your cleanser in and allow its ingredients the time to get to work. Worried about it having a drying effect? CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser ($13.99 at Chemist Warehouseis a goodie for keeping parched skin comfortable.



Treat with an active night cream

Post-cleansing is where the confusion usually begins. But rather than trying to decipher the order of different ingredients, serums and moisturisers, we highly recommend reaching for a night cream that simply does it all. And yes, it does exist!

The new L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Retinol + Niacinamide Pressed Cream ($50.99 at Chemist Warehousecombines two dermatologist-recommended anti-ageing actives (retinol and niacinamide) in a single powerhouse serve. No need for separate formulas or layering, just one product with the ability to visibly reduce wrinkles and brighten skin in just 14 nights*. Talk about doing the most in not many steps.

When it comes to application, it also couldn’t be easier. It’s housed in a breakthrough pressed jar for the perfect single dosage with each press, and optimal hygiene. For the best results, gradually build up its use from twice weekly to alternative nights, before it becomes a regular final step in your nighttime routine.


Optional step: Tackle those extra tidbits

Three steps that’s it?! We know it’s hard to believe, but our aim was to provide a skin care routine that’s both effective and easy. The extra steps are entirely up to you and your specific needs. Want an eye cream to serve alongside your active night cream? Or a toner to balance before treating? Slot these in after cleanser. Now that you’ve got the basics to always come back to, your pathway to good skin will always feel simplified.

*Cosmeto-clinical study, 31 women, 2 weeks.

Main image credit: @evalongoria

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