CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser

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CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser is a cleanser developed with dermatologists. It begins as a cream before transforming to a soft foam when lathered on the skin with water, and effectively removes dirt and makeup without stripping the skin’s natural moisture or leaving it feeling tight and dry. This gentle, fragrance-free formula features three essential ceramides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid, which work together to help maintain the skin barrier and lock in moisture. Free of soap, non-comedogenic, allergy tested and skin-balanced pH. Suitable for a wide range of barrier compromised skin conditions.

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CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser


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I loved this product!

I really enjoyed using this product. The cleanser came out of the bottle as a oily substance then formed into a foam. It didn’t have any scents with I really like with foam cleansers as fragrances irritate my face. I have extremely dry skin so I found the cleanser to be super hydrating and gentle to use on my skin. I didn’t find the cleanser irritating on my skin which is a major plus. It felt really light on my skin making it less dry after the first use. After a week of using the product I saw massive improvements with the dryness of my face. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with dry skin!


The CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser comes out onto your hand as a cream but when you lather it up with a little water it foams up really well. The cleanser is a medium consistency. I find that just one pump is enough for my entire face and neck. It leaves my skin feeling and looking very clean without that tight stripped sensation and it also removes make-up. I think this would be suitable for anyone with sensitive skin as it feels calming and gentle. I like that the bottle is see-through so you can see how much product you have left.

Gentle & calming!

This facial cleanser has been a god send for my extra sensitive skin during the weather change! I had heard lots of raves about this cleanser but didn't really believe it until i was desperate for a new cleanser that would help sooth and be gentle enough on my sensitive and flaky skin. My skin has become dry, sensitive, red and flaky coming into the cooler months. it is affordable and readily available for purchase. the product itself is gentle and removes makeup and dirt very well. the packaging is simple and has straight forward instructions and explanations. the dispenser has a turn lock so easy for travel and throwing into bags. i have since also gone and purchased the moisturizer as well from this brand and love the combination.

Gentle and hydrating

I had only used one other CeraVe product before using this cleanser. I have combination/dry skin so I tend to stick with cream, balm or oil cleansers so I was interested to find out how this would work for me. I prefer to rub the cream to a foam in my hands before applying to my face. The cleanser easily dissolves any makeup or grime leaving my skin soft and well hydrated without any tightness. I don't wear heavy makeup and I always double cleanse but it doesn't matter if I use this product as the first or second cleanser it does the job. Fragrance free and containing ceramides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid, I'm sure this cleanser will remain one of my staple skincare products.

Cleanse skin gently without irritation

I absolutely love this cleanser. I have sensitive skin and this cleanser does not irritate or dry out my skin. It is so gentle and soft to use, the cream cleanser converts to a foam with ease and removes all traces of dirt and grime and makeup, even waterproof mascara with ease. The handy pump is easy to use and I don’t need to use a lot for great results so it’s really economical. It’s recommended by dermatologists so that’s good enough for me. I use this at night for ultra clean smooth skin and cannot be without it
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You Need This Cleanser.

Simply put, I am obsessed. You don't know what you don't know, and I didn't know I needed this cleanser in my life. It goes on smooth, lathers really well. There is little to no smell, it's gentle enough but gets everything off including waterproof mascara with no hassles and gentle on the eye area. I actually saw a lot of recommendations for CeraVe on blogs and tik tok but was hesitant to buy into the hype. Consider me a convert, this product is backed by dermatologists and it's clear to see why. It left my skin, literally squeaky clean. Smooth and clear. I've noticed a marked improvement in the absence of blackheads and smaller pore appearance.
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Thank you BEAUTYcrew for the opportunity to trial this cleanser. I have truly enjoyed using this cleanser. It has a smooth texture with very subtle scent. When using the cleanser, I would rub it onto the palm of my hand to get a slightly foamy texture which makes it very easy to spread onto my skin. After cleansing, my face felt clean yet hydrated, this cleanser is so gentle on my skin and I also noticed that it improved the texture of my skin. I usually have quite bumpy texture because of my large pores, but after using the cleanser, I feel my skin felt a lot smoother and my pores appears smaller. I would totally recommend this cleanser to my friends and family, I would even buy this product after I finished this bottle!
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I already used the hydrating cleanser as a second cleanse but the gel to foaming is NEXT LEVEL. It’s a super gentle formula that still cleans and lifts dirt and debris. It’s the perfect second step which leaves skin hydrated and clean without that sticky or dry feeling. Perfect for my dry / dehydrated skin leaves it feeling plump and soft. The pump pack is a stroke of genius and ALL cleansers should follow in CeraVe’s footsteps. A little product goes a long way so for the price point is excellent value for money and it’s unscented, no frills — just good product. Can’t wait to hopefully buy it in the 1L formula and use every night after my oil cleanse! 11/10 would recommend!
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This product is a game changer

This product is a game changer. I have really sensitive skin which is normally pretty dry, but I get breakouts from a lot of products if they are to rich for my skin. The CeraVe cream to foam cleanser though has been an absolute dream and I have not only had hydrated skin but absolutely no breakouts. The fact that it doesn't have a scent and the consistency is really smooth it goes on to the skin really easily and then washes off with no left over residue. I love that you only need such a little amount, so it lasts for a long time, even using it at night and in the morning. This is a product I would recommend to others and something I will be buying moving forward to be a part of my skin care regime.
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Pleasantly surprised!

A product that really surprised me! It pumps out of the bottle as a cream and foams up as you massage into your skin. Great as a double cleanser because it's gentle and it doesn't strip your skin and makes it squeaky. Leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. I usually use it as a 2nd cleanser as I wear foundation on most days. But I've also found that it's been great for those non-makeup days or as a cleanser in the shower. One big positive for me is that it contains hydrating ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid that usually comes with a bigger price tag To be honest, I think I actually prefer this over Cetaphil and Avene cleansers! I'm really interested in this brand now and will be checking out other products like their moisturiser when I can.
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A great gentle/fast cleanser for dry skin

Product: This cleanser has a soft milky texture and feels gentle on the skin when first applied. I would recommend lightly rubbing it in your palms initially to get the foam to get the maximum usage out of each pump. A soft sensation on the skin along with a comfortable scent. Once used: I have dry skin and this product did not make my skin feel tight once it was rubbed into my face. However, as I wear full coverage heavy makeup, I noticed this cleanser did not completely remove my makeup off and an extra step of had to be done to ensure my skin was makeup free. This product can be used with a towel or microfiber to ensure your skin is clean in all the crevices. Thoughts: This cleanser is a nice product to use if you don't have heavy makeup on and want a light refreshed feel before bedtime. It was very effective in removing my mascara (non-waterproof). This product was developed with dermatologists so it should be effective and gentle enough for all skin types.
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Overall good cleanser

This is an excellent cleanser. The cream to foam has a lovely, smooth texture, subtle scent and effectively removes makeup. It doesn't dry out the skin like many other cleansers. It's hard to say whether longer term it has improved hydration of my skin overall (used in combination with a moisturiser), however it removes makeup and dirt very well, I also noticed it seemed to improve the texture of my skin and made it feel smoother. I think what sets it apart is the addition of ceramides, which is quite unique amongst cleansers.
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Perfect Daily Cleanser

The CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser is a cleanser that is gentle, and fragrance-free. As usual with CeraVe, this features three essential ceramides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. The cleanser is easily dispensed from the pump bottle as a cream that lathers up to a soft foam helping to remove make up and dirt from my face. It did not feel like it was stripping the moisture out of my face nor was it tight or drying. It left a clean face that was actually quite soft and supple. There was a slightly sweet and milky scent to the cleanser, which I did not mind. The product comes in a well sized pump bottle, offering ease of use and convenience, as well as being at an affordable price point. This has been a staple in my daily routine, and is something I would 100% recommend.
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My new favourite cleanser

I suffer from perioral dermatitis and I'm always on the lookout for good quality, dermatologist endorsed products to keep my dermatitis at bay. CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser ticks all the boxes. The size of the product is very generous, the pump is convenient, I just press the pump once and that is enough for one application. The packaging is appealing, it looks fresh and pure. It really starts off as a cream and it transforms into a soft, gentle foam. The product is fragrance-free, which I really like. I also like that in the ingredients hyaluronic acid is listed, an ingredient I always like to have in my beauty and skincare products. It is not drying out my skin, in fact, my skin feels hydrated and very soft. I feel that my face is thoroughly clean after application, I've noticed that I have fewer pimples and imperfections on my face. I highly recommend this product.
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I really enjoyed using this product! I found it quite gentle on my skin and left my face feeling a whole lot cleaner. This product was hydrating and a little bit truly goes a long way. I really enjoyed using this product with a Konjac Sponge. I love CeraVe products for their no frills packaging and especially enjoyed the lack of fragrance added. I also found that this product truly did remove makeup, including my mascara! It was pleasantly surprising how effective this product worked and I will defs be continuing to use this!
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Good for morning and night

I was very surprised that it removed even my oil based foundation and waterproof makeup easily. Normally it would take two times and two different cleansers. Even though it says that this cleanser cream to foam, in my experience it doesn’t foam at all, which I actually like, because other foaming cleansers leave my skin feeling dry and itchy. After CeraVe my skin felt really good, moisturized and soft (maybe because it contains 3 essential ceramides, amino acid and hyaluronic acid, I honestly don’t know why, but it works very well, especially for an affordable cleanser). I like that there is almost no scent on it and it doesn’t irritate my eyes and skin. I would recommend it for everyone with normal to dry skin, it will be perfect for autumn/winter time.
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One cleanser to rule them all

I’m a big CeraVe fan and this product is no exception. It’s super gentle on the skin, extremely effective at cleansing even the most durable of makeup, whilst leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. The cleanser foams beautifully making you feel as though it’s effectively cleansing away impurities. It’s unscented and so worrying about fragrance wasn’t an issue. To add to the package, a little goes a long way, so I feel like it’s great value for the price. I would definitely but it again and am adding it to my daily cleansing routine.
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Great Hydrating Foaming Cleanser

I have heard a lot about Cerave over the last few months but hadn’t yet tried it. I was super happy to get the opportunity to try the new hydrating foaming cleanser. I have normal skin with dry patches which flare up when my skin is over cleansed or I used cleansers which strip the oils from my skin. This cleanser was great at leaving my skin feeling really clean but still soft and hydrated, my skin was not left feeling tight or dry at all. I used this twice daily, in the evening as my second cleanser and in the mornings. A little product goes a long way due to the foaming nature. The product itself foams nicely and easily removed oils and leftover makeup from my skin. It had no discernible fragrance so would probably be great if your skin reacts to fragrance at all. After 3 weeks of use, my skin felt great and I had no negative reactions to the product at all. Recently my skin has been more sensitive to harsher skin products and this helped my face heal, as it was super gently on my face. You get a good amount of product for the price and I would definitely look at repurchasing in the future. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has dry or sensitive skin and is looking for a gentle cleanser which won’t strip their natural oils.
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Great morning clean

You know you’re on to a winning cleanser when not just you love it, but your husband starts using it EVERYDAY!! I have normal to oily skin and have found this to be the perfect morning cleanser. My skin is quite oily in the afternoon after a long day in makeup but I like to keep my morning routine light and this has definitely found its spot in my routine. The cream lathers into a beautiful, rich creamy foam like texture and doesn’t absorb or disappear into the skin quickly. One pump is plenty to do face, neck and chest. It isn’t great at removing makeup, but for me in my morning routine that isn’t a deal breaker. It has no fragrance which I really like and a bonus is the durability of the bottle and lid. I have travelled with this and the lid stayed locked in place with no spills or breakages. The flat bottle shape is also great for space saving and packing. A useful hint with this product. When the first few times I used this I wasn’t100% sold as it didn’t find it left my skin with a very “clean” feeling. My pores still felt a bit clogged up. However I was listening to a podcast that explain we should be cleansing our face for 30 seconds not the normal 0(ish) seconds most of us do. So I tried it and counted out the 30 seconds and honestly it was like using a different product. So definitely give it time to work into your skin. As I said, it doesn’t absorb quickly, so give it a bit of time to work it’s magic. I think for a budget price point this cleanser is an absolute winner (and means I am happy for my husband to continue using too).
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Great hydrating cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser for a few weeks and overall I really like it. I used it as the first step in my nightly cleansing routine and switched out my regular oil cleanser. I found that it removed all my makeup really well and left my skin feeling clean but not stripped or dry. I would have liked it to foam a bit more, but I followed it up with a gel cleanser to make sure my skin completely clean. There is no scent to the cleanser which I also really liked and I think it would be good if you have dry and sensitive skin. I will continue to use it and I have also added a Cereve eye cream to my skincare routine.