Take a sneak peek into Elyse Taylor’s beauty routine

Elyse Taylor

Plus, find out how she tackles her top skin issues

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 07 2018

With a laidback approach to beauty and penchant for glowing skin, Elyse Taylor has been a beauty muse of ours for years. When we were given an exclusive interview with the former Victoria’s Secret model and face of Nude by Nature, we wanted to know all the secrets behind her own beauty routine, including her go-to makeup products and how she tackles her skin issues. 

On how she preps her skin for the day ahead…
“Every morning I use a lot of Cosmedix products. They have a great deep oil cleanser, which I wash my face with. I also love the Humidify Moisturiser and Opti Crystal Eye Serum (it goes on purple and I love it). After that, I let [my skin] sit for about five minutes and if I’m working I might use a sheet mask – I’ve been using 111Skin recently, which I put in the fridge to help de-puff my skin.”

On her daily makeup routine…
“I like to keep things as minimal and as natural as possible, so I use the Natural Mineral Cover from Nude by Nature, which is super easy to use. I’m quite heavy-handed with makeup so I need products to be simple; this creates a nice glowing base, while keeping my skin looking natural. Then, I’ll use the Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick in Rose on my cheeks and highlight everywhere else, before applying a little bit of mascara if I’m running around. To top it all off, I’ll use one of the new Nude Defining Lip Pencils from Nude by Nature to define my lips and set a base. If I don’t want too much on, I might also add a touch of gloss.”

Cosmedix Humidify

Cosmedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum

Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover

On how she tackles her skin issues…
“Because I’m in front of the camera so much and usually wearing twice as much makeup as everyone else, my skin does act out. When it does I make sure to have a facial once every four weeks. Because I travel so much, airplanes make my skin quite dry so I have to double moisturise. I’ve found the best product when you’re on a plane is Avène Skin Recovery Cream Rich. You don’t need too much and it just acts as a barrier against all the toxins and aggressors that would otherwise be going into my skin.”

Nude by Nature Touch of Glow Highlight Stick

Nude by Nature Nude Defining Lip Pencil

Avène Skin Recovery Cream Rich

On the makeup step that puts her in a good mood…
“I think it’s just about trying to achieve great skin and getting your skin under control. It’s about finding the perfect balance between your concealer and your foundation. I find that if I have a massive breakout or if I have something angry happening on my chin, the Flawless Foundation from Nude by Nature is perfect because the formula is buildable and it won’t move. For me, it’s ultimately about trying to get perfect skin and having the confidence to go out and feel beautiful in the skin I’m in.”

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