Emilia Clarke's clever technique for concealing dark circles

Without looking like you're wearing makeup

Beauty Crew / June 30 2020

Clarke applied the concealer underneath her eyes, using her ring finger to lightly build up coverage. "Makeup is all about layering," she told viewers.

Keeping application precise, Clarke kept the product concentrated on the inner corner of her eye, bringing it out no further than the middle. 

"If you go further than there and take one of those gorgeous selfies with a big light, like I've got right now, you're just going to see a big area of lighter skin," she said.

This is far from the triangle technique or big fat semi-circle we usually adopt for covering darkness, and Clarke says it's her mum she has to thank for such a 'less is more' approach.

"My mum taught me how to put on makeup, she always encouraged me to put on makeup as if you’re not wearing any,” she said.

She’s also learnt a few tips along the way from professional makeup artists, one in particular who corrected her technique of applying concealer before foundation, which just “moves the product around your face”, rather than keeping to coverage put.

As she continues to lightly dab a bit more of the concealer around her nose and problem areas in the chin, Clarke finishes with a “shadows be gone” command, and that they are.

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Main image credit: @emilia_clarke