Everything you need to know about mesotherapy

Mesotherapy Treatment Everything To Know

Glowing, youthful-looking skin, this way

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 16 2019

While you’re probably familiar with cosmetics treatments like fillers, thread lifts, liposuction and lipodissolve, you might not be aware of mesotherapy. It’s the lesser known cosmetic treatment that’s shaping up to become a popular alternative for skin rejuvenation.

Curious? We asked Dr Phoebe Jones, Cosmetic Physician at Concept Cosmetic Medicine in Sydney, to give us a rundown on mesotherapy, including what it involves and what kind of results you can expect. 

What is mesotherapy?

“Mesotherapy is a non-surgical skin treatment that involves multiple injections to deliver micro amounts of a particular solution into the dermis of the skin or into the subcutaneous space,” explains Dr Jones.

So, what’s the best mesotherapy cocktail? Well, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment; it all depends on the candidate and their individual skin concerns. “The solution can be made up of a variety of components, commonly hyaluronic acid, platelet rich plasma (PRP), vitamins and minerals (e.g. vitamin C), antioxidants (e.g. glutathione), botulinum toxin, hormones or micro-fat,” says Dr Jones. 

Is mesotherapy effective?

“Benefits can vary a little bit depending upon the components of the solution and the depth at which it is injected,” explains Dr Jones. “The idea is that the trauma created by the multiple needles with the addition of the solution leads to rejuvenation of the skin. The mechanism is through trauma and stretching of the fibroblasts, which lead to neocollagenesis (collagen stimulation).” 

“The addition of different substrates can further enhance the results, leading to tighter and more glowing skin. Repeated treatments can lead to a thicker dermis, improved fine lines and overall much healthier and younger-looking skin. It also helps to moisturise the skin from the inside out, so is great for dehydrated skin and for people who frequently travel or like burning the candle at both ends.”

What’s involved in the procedure?

First off, you’ll have a consultation where a trained professional will talk you through what’s involved, suitability and any potential side effects. Next, you will have numbing cream applied to your face and you’ll wait around 30 to 60 minutes for it to work. After this time, you’ll usually receive multiple facial injections with micro-needles from a medical gun. The process is reasonably quick (it usually takes around 45 minutes) with little to no discomfort.

Not a fan of needles? No-needle mesotherapy is also an option. It involves using a low-frequency skin rejuvenation device to penetrate these active ingredients deep into the dermis. As with traditional mesotherapy, the solution is completely tailored to your skin type and needs. However, the penetration of ingredients may be more limited in comparison to the traditional mesotherapy treatment. 

Is there any downtime involved?

The treatment involves minimal downtime, however, Dr Jones says you can expect to see some bruising within the next few days. “I usually recommend allowing two to three days downtime for bruising, particularly if you are prone to bruising or have quite thin skin,” advises Dr Jones.

If you’re worried about the appearance of bruising and are looking for a good post-treatment coverage, try Oxygenetix Foundation or Lycogel Breathable Foundation – they’re both specifically designed to cover and heal post-procedure skin. 

Are there any side effects? 

“The main side effects are discomfort during the treatment, and bruising and swelling afterwards. Less commonly, an allergic reaction is a possibility,” says Dr Jones. “I find pain and bruising tend to be much worse if you are pre-menstrual, tired, stressed, have been drinking alcohol in the days preceding, or have taken aspirin, ibuprofen or fish oil in the days preceding. Taking a paracetamol an hour before can be helpful for pain relief,” she suggests.

How long do results last?

As for how long results usually last, it depends on the individual candidate and how often you have the treatment. Dr Jones says with repeat treatments your results will be more noticeable. “Each time you get it done your skin gets better. It’s like going to the gym,” she says. “I would say the moisturising effect and general radiance lasts about three to four months. The collagen stimulation occurs over three to six months after each treatment, so it’s a bit of a slow burn, but the more you do, the healthier and thicker the dermis gets, and hence an improvement in fine lines,” explains Dr Jones. 

“New collagen in a healthy individual lasts five-plus years, although at the same time the ageing process is continuing. Mesotherapy really does help to keep the skin in a time capsule. If you did it two to three times a year, you would look better in five years time than when you started. If you’ve never had the treatment before and want to get the skin looking good quickly then you can do a course of three treatments a month apart and then maintain in three to six monthly.” 

How much do mesotherapy cost?

“[It] depends on the products used and the size of the area,” says Dr Jones. “It can be as little as a couple of hundred dollars for just the under-eye area or $660 for the full face with no fancy additions to the solution. If you start adding botulinum toxin or anything else, it can get pricier.” 

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin or Adelaide, as with any cosmetic treatment, risks are involved so it’s crucial to do your research before undergoing a mesotherapy procedure. Make sure the person working on you is qualified and reputable before you buy a series of treatments or let them near your face with needles. We also recommend looking at samples of their clients’ mesotherapy before and after pictures and mesotherapy reviews for proof of results.

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