5 ways to exercise that are more fun than running on a treadmill

fun ways to exercise

Not quite into standard cardio? Here’s what you can do instead

Beauty Crew Editor / July 11 2017

Some people are natural born runners. Others learn to love to run. And then there’s that other segment of the population who can think of nothing worse than pounding a pavement or treadmill for an extended amount of time. 

And that’s fine. There’s no one way to stay fit and healthy – it’s all about finding what’s enjoyable for you, because that’s what’s going to keep you committed. 

So if you’d rather endure watching paint dry than attempting a five kilometre run, here are some of the alternative exercises the Beauty Crew team have discovered that will get your heart rate right up.


No Lights, No Lycra

No Lights, No Lycra is the cardio class that basically epitomises 'dance like nobody is watching'. The 'classes' (we use that term very loosely, and you’ll see why soon) are hosted in a pitch-black hall with music blasting from speakers around the room. All you have to do is jump, wiggle and shake around as you please. There are no complicated moves to remember, no need to feel self-conscious about nailing any steps; it's literally just an hour where you can dance (and sing, if you so please) your heart out to some of the catchiest pop, rnb and rock music from every decade. Guaranteed to get your blood pumping, your body full of endorphins, and have you covered in sweat by the end.


The Barre Project

Barre classes are fairly new to Australia, and while there are plenty of studios to choose from, The Barre Project is putting a new spin on the strengthening and toning workouts. No two classes are ever the same (the choreography is always updated), and you can expect dynamic athletic movements that incorporate the barre, hand weights, and isometrics. But what amps up the fun factor is that each class is set to LED lighting and music – think dance party meets exercise class.



If you miss the simpler times of high-cut spandex, 80s tunes, and fast-paced aerobics classes, you need to look into Retrosweat. With classes inspired by a time where you weren’t into fitness unless you were into aerobics, you can expect to sweat it out to the iconic moves and music of the 80s (don’t worry, the playlist changes weekly). While the workouts will get you huffing and puffing (and toning like a beast), what you’ll love even more is that you’ll no doubt laugh more than you expected. Even better? Dressing in theme is more than encouraged.



Spin classes are no joke. They’re fast, they’re hard, and they tend to make you want to curl up in the fetal position at the end. Up!Cycle is taking this one step further, with classes that focus on a full body workout by combining fast moves, heavy isolation for strength, and weighted upper body training – all set to a fun and upbeat soundtrack that’ll keep you in the zone. If you’re a fan of Biggie or Snoop, you may want to head there on a Wednesday for the Hip Hop themed class.


Sky Zone Skyfit

Jumping on a trampoline can provided endless hours of entertainment, but did you realise that a) you can hone that movement into effective cardio fitness, and b) that the Sky Zone arenas you may have already casually bounced around in actually offer classes tailored to fitness goals? Work your upper and lower body, jump so hard you lose your breath, and just try not to double-bounce your class mates too much.

Interested in other out-of-the-box ways to burn calories? Apparently you can now do that by just taking a bath! 

Unfortunately some of these classes are Sydney-based – do you have any alternative fun ways to exercise in your city that you can share with our members? Please share in the comments section below.

Image credit: @retrosweat

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