'Fairy hair' is the TikTok hair trend you need to try for Mardi Gras

Glitter hair, don’t care

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / August 26 2022

Does anyone remember that epic moment in 2019 when Kacey Musgraves taught us that hair extensions don’t have to look natural? Just us?

Well, needless to say, Musgraves took to the stage at one of her concerts with a cascade of disco streamers woven into her ponytail and we’ve been enthralled with the glittery hairstyle ever since. 

In 2022, Musgraves resurrected the trend but put a raver spin on it that we’re just as equally obsessed with.

Think: ombre hair extensions in a neon highlighter palette. Obviously a must for Mardi Gras.



Jojo Siwa may be a dancer but she’s also one of our favourites to watch when it comes to hair trends. The Dance Moms reality star recently dabbled in the fairy hair trend with a head full of rainbow rhinestones and glitter hair tinsel. 

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And while we may have already been introduced to a plethora of wearable party season hair trends (and even some choice party season makeup looks to boot) thanks to the folks over at Edwards & Co, we thought why not up the ante with a headful of rainbow glitter extensions while we’re at it? 

If you’re in need of some inspiration to warm yourself up to the idea of resembling a glitter-maned My Little Pony figurine, we completely understand, which is why we’ve sourced some quality TikToks to whet your appetite. 

Turns out #fairyhair is going gangbusters over there.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Having glitter hair sounds lovely and all, but how do I recreate this whimsical hairstyle for myself?”. 

And honestly, we share your reservations, because while we love a hair trend, we’re not always the best at executing them ourselves. 

But once again, the crafty kids over at TikTok have relieved the tension in the room with some practical advice on how to install glitter hair extensions from the comfort of your own home:

As you can see the technique is easy enough to hone with your own two hands, but you can always go pro with it and opt to use a hair extension hook for a less fiddly (and potentially faster) application.

If you’re wondering where one acquires a hair extension hook (honestly, you’re not the only one, we were a bit baffled ourselves), it turns out most glitter hair tinsel packs are equipped with the tool for easy installation.

Here are a few starter kits that we recommend:

Hair Tinsel Colored Hair Extensions Glitter Sparkling Shiny Strands In Braiders For Women Unfold 42 Inch (was $71.53 now $35.77 at Light In The Box); Hair Tinsel Strands Kit with Tools 16 Colors 47 Inches 4000 Strands ($17.99 at Amazon Australia); and Hair Tinsel Strands Kit with Tools, Sparkling Shiny Fairy Giltter Hair Extensions, 47 Inches 12 Colors 2000 Strands ($14.99 at Amazon Australia). 

Another outlandish hair trend that’s celeb-approved? Using your own hair as an accessory. Case and point? Lorde just wore her own hair as a scarf. 

Main image credit: @moanilee

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