All that glitters in 2022: The crown jewels of global beauty trends

Time to shine

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / October 11 2022

Over the last few years, whenever we’ve had conversations about beauty trends, there’s been a focus on skin care, DIY beauty, and the reintroduction of colourful makeup. 

But it would seem that we’re finally seeing a diversion into a world of otherwise untouched beauty trend gems. No, literally. 

Whether it’s the chokehold that Euphoria has on the general public or the fact that we’re actually allowed to parade ourselves proudly outside, jewels, gems and crystals are all anyone can talk about across the globe.

From the controversial rise in the tooth gems to perfectly curated ear piercings and crystal-embellished nails and makeup, according to Pinterest, everyone the world over is on the hunt for a more unique take on self-expression through beauty. 

2022 is the year to shine and these are the top ways people are doing so…

Tooth gems

Noticed a strange amount of celebrities sporting a treasure trove of jewels and precious metals on their teeth? Those odd little decorations are called tooth gems and they’ve quickly become one of the most searched for beauty trends on the Internet. 

From opalescent gems to teardrop diamantes arranged in the shape of butterfly wings, the trend is all about customisation and embracing a uniquely, self-determined level of taste.




Unlike a new lip gloss, however, tooth gems come with a warning label. 

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer (registered dentist and the Chief Clinical Officer for SmileDirectClub) warns that while tooth gems may look like fun, “there is a high risk of eroding the enamel off your teeth [and] making the sensitive inner layers of the tooth susceptible to decay.”

The gems can also cause discolouration, impact your ability to properly clean your teeth, and increase the chance of food getting caught under the gem, “making the tooth prone to cavities and infection,” says Sulitzer.

The other downside? The gems are secured to teeth using an adhesive that wears down over time, so “there is also the possibility of accidentally swallowing the gem.”

If you’re not afraid of potentially passing a diamante or two, Dr. Sulitzer advises seeking the services of a registered dentist to perform the procedure.

“Under no circumstances should you attempt to do it yourself or have them applied by an unqualified third party,” he warns. “Be sure to do your research!”

Crystal eye makeup

We think we can firmly blame the world’s obsession with crystal eye makeup on Euphoria

The HBO teen drama has blessed us with a litany of (for lack of a better word) euphoric beauty looks, the most mesmerising of which involve handfuls of glitter tears and lids decorated with jewel-encrusted floating eyeliner

And we’re not the only ones religiously tuning in. Some of the world’s most notable celebrities have embraced the hit show’s iconic style and TikTok creators have recreated just about every look on screen, too.




Ear curation

As adults there are few ways to quantify the thrill of getting your ears pierced for the first time. But if you’re not needle-averse, then ear curation may be the next best thing. 

As the name might suggest, ear curation entails styling your ears with a bespoke collection of mindfully placed piercings. 

The practice has become so popular (thanks to the success of international jewellery brands like Maria Tash), that you can now easily access ear curation at specialised studios right here in Australia. MECCA has even partnered with Australian jewellers Sarah & Sebastian to provide in-store ear styling at their flagship store’s piercing studio.




Rhinestone nails

With gemstones and jewels catching the eyes of a captivated international audience, we’re not surprised people have found a way to attach them to their nails. 




On the other hand, we were somewhat shocked to learn that Pinterest has seen searches for ‘rhinestone pedicures’ skyrocket specifically.

Considering we’re currently in the depths of winter, we can’t really imagine sharing our bejewelled toes with the world at large. But that doesn’t mean we won’t be more open to the idea in summer…

Dermal piercings

After slapping jewels on our teeth and toes, you probably thought we were finished with all the gem-centric beauty trends. But unfortunately, no.

According to Pinterest’s global trend report, there is an increased interest in unique dermal piercings. And if we’re being honest, the whole thing is giving us horrific wartime flashbacks to Lil Uzi Vert’s momentary entanglement with a $30 million 11-carat pink diamond. The eyesore was placed smack bang in between the rapper’s lush arches and managed to make headlines.



While most piercing enthusiasts don’t have access to a conspicuously large diamond, parts of the body such as fingers, back dimples and the neck have become popular placements for dermal piercings. 

Unlike traditional piercings (which have an entry and exit point), dermal piercings utilise an anchor. The piercing can be customised with different faces (such as gems) that screw onto the base, which sits under the skin. 

Once healed, the final look is certainly unique, but we do have to admit the process to get there does make us a little squeamish.

Main image: @rosalia.vt / @fkatwigs / @mannequin.hands

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