The biggest beauty trends emerging from TikTok in 2023

A guide to modern beauty if you will

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 17 2023

TikTok is home to an endless supply of 15 second clips we’d categorise as light entertainment. It’s our first stop when we want to consume content that sits comfortably on the axis of hilarious and cute. 

However, it also houses a wealth of information, such as Alix Earle’s makeup routine, dupes for the viral Dior Lip Oil, and the 411 on the Selena Gomez versus Kylie Jenner debacle. 

TikTok is also at the forefront of trends, which is why Beauty Daily By Clarins turned to the app for data on the emerging beauty trends of 2023. 

The results revealed that TikTok users are interested in Lana Del Rey-inspired makeup, a minimalistic approach to skin care, shorter hair and nails, and more.

Here are the emerging trends you need to know… 

TikTok’s Biggest Emerging Beauty Trends For 2023

#1 Coquette Beauty - 1.7 Billion Views

“Coquette beauty is officially the leading emerging beauty trend of 2023,” explained Beauty Daily By Clarins. “Defined by pinks, Lana Del Rey-style eyeliner, doe eyes and rosy cheeks.his trend is the epitome of hyper-feminine glamour.”

#2 Micro Beauty -  1.1 Billion Views

“Going short is in,” stated the publication. “From micro bangs, to short manicures and bobs, we’re saying goodbye to long luscious locks and stiletto nails in 2023.” 

#3 90’s Grunge Makeup -  974 Million Views 

“Nostalgic ‘90s grunge makeup is making a resurgence, especially after the Netflix show Wednesday,” they revealed. “Think smudged eyeliner, smokey eyes and nude lips.”

@victorialyn Makeup trends from the year I was born‼️💄 Mid 1990s 🖤#makeup #beauty #90s #90sgrunge ♬ Chill Vibes - Tollan Kim

#4 Budget Beauty - 920 Million Views

“With the rising cost of living, TikTok users are seeking affordable beauty alternatives,” explained Clarins. “From drugstore beauty finds to dupes, and even refillable beauty, shoppers are looking for ways to save as much as they can this year.”

#5 Skincycling - 313 Million Views

“Coined by dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, a New York City–based board-certified dermatologist, this method allows active ingredients time to work and [teaches consumers to] alternate products strategically for the best results.”

@drwhitneybowe Morning skincare routine should be consistent but at night it’s all about #skincycling #that #dermatologist #skincare #skincareroutine ♬ Forever - Labrinth

#6 Notox - 262 Million  Views 

“In 2023, we’re going to see a move away from Botox towards skin firming treatments that provide similar results without injections,” they explained. “From LED face masks to facial toning devices, this emerging trend is gaining traction on TikTok.”

@cheygren It is really wild. NuFace loverrrr😗😗 new code for their site is CHEY10-EXTRA for an extra 10% off! #nuface #skincare #beauty #beautytok #microcurrent #PartyWithVMAs #nyc #skincaretips @mynuface ♬ LoveGaloreAlt SpedUp - 𝐕

#7 Skinstreaming - 95 Million Views 

“‘Skinstreaming’ is a new term coined for skin minimalism. As the economy plummets and costs rise, beauty addicts are scaling back their beauty routines [and] looking at hashtags such as #minimalistskincare and #basicskincareroutine.”

@versed How to layer your skincare: Minimalist edition.🧴 What’s your routine like? #wellversed #skincare #skincaretiktok #beautyhacks ♬ GHOST - Nina Yasmineh

#8 Ugly Beauty - 7 Million Views 

“Defined by messy makeup, unconventional ‘unpretty’ beauty birthed by Gen-Z’s alliance with dressing for the female gaze (as opposed to the male gaze). With the hashtag ‘femalegaze’ garnering 466.8M views, it's only a matter of time before it starts to transcend into our makeup.”

@juliafox Ooooo I know this is gonna make the broke boys mad #OLDISIN ♬ original sound - Julia fox

#9 Skinflooding - 2.7 Million Views 

“‘Skinflooding’ is a new simple hack to add a deeper level of moisture to the skin,” said Clarins. “Instead of drying your face after cleansing, you apply your products onto damp skin for extra hydration. Hydrating mist can also be used in between steps to lock in even more moisture.”

@tonic15 If you love Skin Flooding you’ve got to try this mega-hydrating, glow-giving K-beauty skincare routine now! Skin flooding has always been a part of the Korean approach to great skin. Try it now! #tonic15 #kbeauty #skinflooding #skincare #skincareroutine #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty #hydratingskincare #glowskin ♬ Gameboy Color - Drax Project

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