3 of the most common curling problems and how to fix them

The Most Common Curling Problems And How To Fix Them

Troubleshooting advice from beauty editors

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 20 2019

Oh how we love curls. From effortless beachy twists to fierce, structured Hollywood waves, we’re all about that curl life. But as glorious as curls are, they aren’t always the easiest hairstyle to keep in place.

If you’ve also dealt with the frustration of seeing your carefully coiffed curls drop within a few hours, read on ‘cause we’re troubleshooting some common curly hair problems. Follow this beauty editor-approved advice for getting your curls to stay.

Problem #1 / Your hair is too clean

Although washing your hair may seem like the logical first step in hairstyling, freshly-washed locks can in fact be trickier to style.

The fix: To counteract slippery, silky, just-washed locks, work through some styling product before curling your hair.

“Mousse helps add a bit of grit and hold,” says our editor Carli. Carli likes Evo Macgyver Multi-Use Mousse, meanwhile InStyle’s Beauty Editor Bettina Tyrrell swears by TRESemmé Extra Control Styling Mousse. Or, for an option other than mousse, marie claire’s Beauty Director Sally Hunwick loves Aveda Texture Tonic.

Problem #2 / You’re not using enough heat

Although you may be trying to keep your hair tool on a lower heat setting to prevent damage to your strands, unfortunately a decent amount of heat is actually needed when curling your hair with a straightener or curling wand.

“The sad reality is that when you’re looking to curl your hair, if that’s not its natural form, you kind of have to break the bond of the hair with heat and reset it, and that’s what helps the curl hold,” says Carli.

The fix: There’s no need to go overboard and crank your hot tool to 230 degrees, but you’ll want to have it set at around 180 degrees to ensure it actually curls your hair, advises Carli. To help avoid heat-related damage to your tresses, always use a decent hair protectant. These are some of our favourite hair protectants.

Problem #3 / You’re brushing your curls out immediately after styling

Once you’ve curled your hair and you’re confronted with a headful of ringlets in the mirror, it can be tempting to grab your hairbrush and soften the curls ASAP. But don’t! Brushing your hair immediately after curling will actually undo all of the hard work you’ve just put into curling your hair.

“It’s okay to look a bit Shirley Temple at the beginning,” says Sally – trust the process!

The fix: You’ll want to “let the curl set in as tight a shape as possible,” advises Carli. Allowing the curls to cool and “set” will maximise their longevity.

Once the curls have cooled, you’ll then want to run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb gently through your hair to separate the curls. If you’re going for Hollywood waves, use a paddle brush instead.

Once you’re happy with how your curls are looking, set the look with a decent dose of hairspray.

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