“I tried the product that promises to block wrinkles in 30 minutes”

How did the innovative anti-ager stack up? Read our Editor’s review

Editor / November 05 2019

It wasn’t that long ago when we told you guys about an innovative new product that promised to ‘block’ wrinkles from forming, thus leaving you with smoother, more line-free skin (minus the need for injectables). 

No surprises that we had a lot of interest and intrigue in freezeframe®’s latest anti-ager, WRINKLE BLOCK, and now that it’s officially out in the world (you can stock up on it at Priceline), we thought it only seemed fit to put it to the test and report back to you guys. With a few crinkles around my eyes and a little puffiness underneath them, as well as some smile lines that don’t exactly disappear when my face is at rest, I was very willing to put my hand up for this one. 

The product

freezeframe has an established reputation for pumping out products that are founded in science and backed by real results from clinical trials. And freezeframe WRINKLE BLOCK  is no different.

freezeframe WRINKLE BLOCK

The anti-ageing stick (yes, a stick! The very first of its kind in Australia, too) was created by cosmetic scientists with two hard-working peptides that essentially work to slow down the movement that creates creases and block expression lines from forming (so think crow’s feet or smile lines), without paralysing the underlying muscles, and give your skin energy to bounce back. In just 30 minutes, it works its magic blocking wrinkles by up to 78 per cent, and in seven days it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 40 per cent and eye bags by 76 per cent. So, what could you expect after four weeks of use? Up to 60 per cent less visible wrinkles, and skin that is left looking brighter, fresher and more energised. Yep, dark under-eye shadows included.

The process

Being a stick, application is super easy and fuss-free. I applied it twice a day onto clean, dry skin, leaving it to absorb fully (which, I’ll admit, happened a lot quicker than I anticipated. I thought the balmy texture would leave a film on my skin, but within minutes any tackiness was gone). 

As for how to apply it, you can swipe the stick across your whole face, or if you want, you can spot-treat certain areas (for example, bags under your eyes, crow’s feet, expression lines and marionette lines).

The payoff

After two weeks of using WRINKLE BLOCK, I’ve noticed quite a significant change around my eye area, and I’ll admit I’m surprised. As with most products I come across, I was sceptical and wasn’t confident I’d notice visible results. So, what were my biggest changes? The crinkles around my eyes appear to be less deep and less obvious – especially when I smile. The area is so much smoother. Also, my under-eye area is less shadow-y, less puffy and the lines there seem to have filled out, too (I’m basing this on the fact that less concealer is filling those creases). The whole area looks a lot brighter and I’m not looking as tired as I feel (hazard of millennial life trying to burn the candle at both ends) – to the point that I don’t need to layer my concealer as much.

As for the rest of my face, I’ve definitely noticed my complexion looks brighter, fresher and more ‘awake’. 

The final verdict

I love how simple WRINKLE BLOCK is to use and how easily it fits into my skin care routine. From a superficial level, my skin feels soft and plump after application and I definitely don’t feel weighed down by it. It also doesn’t impact my makeup application, so that’s a plus. As for the results, I’m impressed. Because I have small eyes with hooded lids, if I’m tired, it really shows, so to have something that can help brighten and smooth the skin around the area is a win. I’m looking forward to seeing the results after a few more weeks of use! 

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Carli was BEAUTYcrew’s Editor from launch in 2016 until May 2020. You can find her words right here on BEAUTYcrew, and previously on beautyheaven.