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freezeframe WRINKLE BLOCK is an anti-ageing treatment that works to block expression wrinkles from forming. The stick formula contains peptides that inhibit facial movement to prevent wrinkles from forming and help skin to bounce back from expression trauma including crow’s feet, frown lines, smile lines and marionettes.

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freezeframe WRINKLE BLOCK


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Save your money

If I took this out of my beauty routine, the only thing I would notice is the money I've saved in my account. As someone else said, the claims they make for this product are quite bold. False advertising imo. The size of the stick alone makes for an awkward application around the eyes. The product itself is light and leaves a greasy residue. There's no scent which is great, but there's also no improvement, so no point. There are no instant affects either, im not sure how other people are claiming that to be true. I wanted to love this based on what I spent on it, but I am greatly disappointed.
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Easy to apply but no obvious benefits

The freeze frame wrinkle block was packaged really convenient stick style tube. This was easy to apply and carry in your bag. It applied really nicely with no obvious fragrance. Initially it felt hydrating and a slight glossy finish however there was no immediate reduction in wrinkles or any difference after using for a week.
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Lightweight product feel, lightweight results.

This product was easy to use because of the stick form – much better than di[ping your finger in a jar! Glides on smoothly and feels lovely in the areas of application. BUT. I don’t think it really did the job it was supposed to. While every part of me wanted it to work, it just felt like a light moisturizer going on and there was not real ‘freeze’ even after using for a week. Perhaps this needs a little but longer to do its thing, but that is not what the box promises, so I will still to my current regime.
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Stick to it and you will see results...

The product works well but I think it will probably take around eight weeks to see visible results. The product glides on easily and is not greasy at all. Blends in well with no streaks or visible lines.
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Glides on beautifully!

I was skeptical about this product but I ended up loving it! My skin is definitely brighter and I can see improvements in fine lines. It’s lovely to put on and not greasy or oily. It glides on the skin. No fragrance too which is nice. I will continue to use it for sure!
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Freezeframe wrinkle block

This product was so easy to use and non messy easy to apply and packed a punch with the overall difference after useing this product i found within days my skin was better looking my pores were less noticable and i would deffinetly recommend this product to didn't dry my skin out but left it looking dewy I really love this product.
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Leaves a greasy feel but that’s about it

Wrinkle Block is a light easy to apply formula. The winding “stick” packaging means you only use what you need with no waste. Being fragrance free it’s pleasant to use on the face and neck area. It did leave a greasy kind of feel on my skin and I didn’t feel it was very nourishing. The claims on this product are bold and unfortunately I would not agree that it made a significant difference to wrinkle formation. For the price, I would not buy again.
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Nice alternative to botox

Thank you for letting me take part of this trial for freezeframe Wrinkle block. The roll on application of this chubby stick makes application a breeze. I used this block as part of my nightly routine. After cleansing I would apply a small amount to where I thought it was needed most and before my serum and moisturiser. It has a very light fragrance that is pleasant and not overpowering. I did notice a slight reduce in my under eye bags and my frown lines had also very slightly reduced. I am happy with the outcome of a few weeks use and am curious as to how the long term effects would look. I would recommend this product to anyone as an alternative to botox.
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Cute but doesn't quite cut it...

There is a lot I must say I absolutely love about this product. The packaging, the ease of use, how it does not detrimentally impact my skincare routine or my makeup (no pilling, no streaking, no pulling, no early wear). For all intents and purposes, this is a dream face product. It even feels lovely to use and made my skin feel just as lovely. However (yeah, we all know the other shoe was going to drop), there was no improvement in my fine lines and wrinkles, and definitely no impact on the big ones. I was using this baby every day (it's that easy to use). I will continue to use it, as a month may not have been long enough, and perhaps it needs to be used in conjunction with another product. But, on its own, and given the trial timeframe, it just didn't cut it for me :(
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Fantastic for that special night out !!

I found this product did exactly what it said it would. I couldn’t definitely notice an immediate difference within 30mins and with continued use this improved even more My crows feet lines weren’t as prominent My smile ceases are extremely deep but even with them there was improvement The product did feel a little sticky and heavy when applied but eventually it did melt in
I like this brand however I'm not sure this product actually did much other than moisturise. I applied this every morning after toning, and I found that this kept my face moisturised all day. Although it was too heavy for my face as it didn't dry and made me somewhat oily looking. I don't think this would sit well under makeup either. I do like the chubby stick though, and easy application. There is no detectable fragrance either.
I tried this for 2 weeks every day. My skin did feel nicely moisturised. But I didn’t find any wrinkle difference near my eyes. But liked using it overall. Not oily at all and felt good on my dry skin.  The product didn’t do much as it claims unfortunately.
I asked my hubby to try as well because he has a few more wrinkles than me. He has a few lines around eyes and smileslines….  We think it was easy to apply and massage into the skin and it was creamy and after it took a bit to dry we applied the facecream.   I observed that his lineslooked slightly less. He said that his skin felt tight as a result and he noticed it for a few hours.   The applicator was easy to use and it worked well and I think the result wasworthwhile.    
I was excited to receive this product as part of a trial. The packaging looked great and the product is easy to use. I like how the product was a stick and was easy to apply and that there was no fragrance. I did however feel that the product had some faults and didn't live up to my expectations. Whilst the product was easy to apply, the product was quite tacky and never really dried. This impacted my usual moisturiser and make up routine. I applied the product to my forehead, frown lines and crows feet for a number of weeks and found it made no difference. I would not purchase this product especially at the given price point.
I have been Trialing Freezeframe Wrinkle Block for approximately 1 Month- For the first two weeks I put it all over my face and neck including on my eyes. For the second 2 weeks I concentrated on putting on specific areas I wanted to target. Although my skin felt a lot tighter, I unfortunately did not notice any visible change in the appearance of my wrinkles. On application, Freezeframe Wrinkle Block felt nice and cool on my skin leaving a light film somewhat like a thick moisturiser and leaving no real scent at all. The Product did not absorb into my skin at all but just kind of sat on top. My make up went on easily over the top, but some products did not want to stick to it (Like my MAC Eyebrow Pencil) and I had to dry off the area first to get a good result. I found myself applying a thick layer before bed so it had all night to soak in. (In the morning there was still residue on my face, that easily washed off in the shower) I did absolutely love using Freezeframe Wrinkle Block- The packaging was fantastic, a small size twist tube that you could apply exactly where you wanted it to go, not over applying or making a mess. In the month I'd say I used just under half the tube, applying twice daily. Would I purchase the Product again myself? Probably not, But I certainly enjoyed using it. I think it was the novelty of the great packaging! 
Loved the convenience of having the product in a stick form and the lack of fragrance. I applied the product on clean skin in upwards sweeping motions to my face and used fingers to apply around eyes. I preferred using it in the evenings as in it does sit on top of the skin and doesn’t absorb well. In the morning I felt it made any makeup I had on not wear as well. I continued to use for the trial period and while I found it moisturising am not sure I noticed much difference in any fine lines or wrinkles.
I have been using this wrinkle balm for several weeks now thanks to the trial team. I have lines around my eyes and forehead and my face is shows a lot of expression lines. I haven’t dabbled in Botox yet so I’m keen to try less invasive and more topical solutions. This balm is said to smooth the look of lines and wrinkles. You can apply all over the face or target areas of concern. I mostly applied around under eye area and around my forehead where those pesky 11’s can become quite noticeable with all those facial expressions. I applied to clean skin and then applied my usual creams and serums. The balm complimented my regime quite well. I like to keep my routine quite simplified yet effective. I love the balm stick. It dries quite quickly and absorbs well. I wouldn’t say this stick would be a replacement for more invasive procedures but I did notice a slight improvement to the fine lines around my eyes and when I smiled my crows feet weren’t as prominent which is a win in my opinion. I really enjoyed this balm and will continue to use in my regular regime. A little goes a long way and the stick will last quite some time which is fantastic! Overall a great product!!
I cannot see a difference after using this product.  The glue-stick style applicator was unappealing.  I was imagining that it might have a sticky texture, but it was fine - it mostly went on smoothly with no clumps.  I concentrated on my eye area, and it did not irritate at all - even when swiping it over the entire lid.  I felt like I still needed an under-eye moisturiser afterwards.
I was fortunate to receive this wonder-stick to trial and I just love it! To begin with I was a little dubious that the product would be able to visibly reduce wrinkles, but I have been religiously applying it to an annoying frown line and I have noticed a definite difference. I have also not noticed any wrinkles forming since using the product.  I was also impressed by the product's cooling effect and lack of fragrance as I am prone to allergies. The wind-up stick is a convenient way to apply the product, and I massage the formula in with my fingertips which seems to increase the effectiveness. My skin feels and looks smoother and younger, and I would certainly purchase this again and recommend it to those who might be concerned about skin ageing and fine lines.
This product is quite thick and applies very easily, and clear, which is great for application of moisturisers and make up underneath. It starts out feeling a little tacky, and when it dries it has a slight tight and pulling effect on the skin, which reminds me of the older versions of peel off masks. I also used it on my neck, which is fine, but I feel it affected my makeup and my everyday face too much to enjoy using it. I was conscious of the extra product throughout the day, which I didn't like. What I do like about it is that it washes off easily, has no fragrance, and is probably going to be easier to use in cooler weather than hot weather.