10 spritely fruity fragrances to spritz this spring

Day or night

August 14 2020

Remember the iconic Johnson's detangling spray we all used as kids, and how it'd leave you smelling like a fresh bucket of strawberries?

Well, we're still very into the idea; only these days we like our fruity fragrances to sit a little more on the sophisticated side.

Don't worry, they've still got plenty of punch – just think a little less childish, and a little more chic.

And while you'd be forgiven for assuming fruit-inspired scents were only suitable to wear when the sun was out (something about their bright smell does scream daytime), we've also rounded up each one's covetable evening counterpart, so you can wear the aroma of your favourite fruit at any hour and for any occasion.

Here are all of our fruity fragrance favourites...

If your favourite fruit is... Raspberry

If you love this berry topped over Greek yoghurt or hey, even in lolly flavour form, you’ll also enjoy it all day long in these tastebud-teasing spritzes. 

Great for day: Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming EDP smells just like a fruity sorbet. It's loaded with notes of raspberry, red fruit, pomegranate and blackcurrant, balanced by a bold rose centre - in other words, it’s the femme but fun fruit-floral blend of your raspberry-centric dreams.

Great for night: Inside the glitzy bottle of Paco Rabanne Lady Million Privé EDP lies a combination of fruit and oriental notes, perfect for the P.M. There’s sweet raspberry, creamy vanilla and a heavy hand of cocoa to top it all off. The result? A decadent yet guilt-free sweet treat that you’ll fall in love with instantly. 

If your favourite fruit is... Orange

Maybe it's the fact that we're big fans of mimosas, but orange is undoubtedly one of our favourite olfactory treats. If you're onboard with orange too, give these zesty mood-boosters a go.

Great for day: Chanel No 5 L’Eau is as inviting as an aperol spritz; it’s zingy, fresh and floral all at the same time. You’ll sniff notes of lemon, mandarin and orange, along with sweet ylang ylang to top off the citrus cocktail. We’re calling it now – it’s the spritely classic you have to have.

Great for night: The elements of orange, cherry, rose, saffron and vanilla inside Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss EDP may seem a little all over the place at first, but surprisingly, they all work together like a delicious (and sensual-smelling) fruit punch. Add to cart!

If your favourite fruit is... Fig

Not all fruits run zesty; in fact, syrupy-sweet figs lend themselves particularly well to headier floral and aromatic scents.

Great for day: Atelier Cologne Jasmin Angélique is an aromatic delight that features fig at its core, and calls upon supporting ingredients from all around the world; think Sicilian lemons, Chinese Sichuan peppers, Somalian incense and Brazilian tonka beans.

Great for night: Calvin Klein One Gold EDT is shouty for all the right reasons. The fig, bergamot, sage, violet, and patchouli aroma is just as fabulously ostentatious as the glitzy gold-dipped bottle.

If your favourite fruit is... Mandarin

Brighten your day with a serving of spritely mandarin; these delectable scents smell somewhat similar to some of our go-to orange aromas, but are just a touch sweeter...

Great for day: Prada Mandarine EDT is pretty much as citrus-y as scents get, with mandarin (in both leaf and fruit forms), neroli and orange peel along for the ride. It's definitely more sweet than it is sour, though, thanks to the addition of honeyed opopnax, a heady soft myrrh.

Great for night: Gucci Bamboo EDT brings together mandarin, orange blossom, Sicilian bergamot, pear and ylang ylang in a beautiful medley that’s truly mouth-watering. It definitely still smells fruity but the citrus isn't OTT, and the dry down is just as delightful as the first impression.  

If your favourite fruit is... Peach

The aroma of peach is practically synonymous with spring and summer. Get your dose of the delicious fruit right now with these peachy perfumes.

Great for day: The composition of Hugo Boss The Scent For Her EDP is simple yet stunning; it's packed with honeyed peach, freesia, osmanthus flower and roasted cocoa, and they all work together to form an elegant juice that's sweet but far from sickly.

Great for night: The sequel to the best-selling Burberry My Burberry EDP is the brand's My Burberry Black EDP. The two do share similar original notes of rose and patchouli, but the additions of delicious peach nectar and invigorating jasmine take this new fragrance to the next level.

Main image credit: @marcelv68

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